Toshiba HD-DVD, The winner of format war?

Toshiba has sent all troops to the war field to make a pretty tough christmas for Sony's Blu-Ray. In a fantastic move by Toshiba, Walmart and BestBuy more than 90,000 HD-DVD players sold during last weekend.

Within three days, HD-DVD format significantly increased its installed base and sold nearly as many as the best-selling stand-alone Blu-ray DVD player has sold since its launch.

Toshiba A2 HD DVD was the 20th position on the Google's Hot Trends in thursday November 1st. Near 100,000 , $99 HD-DVD players sold on Nov 2. That's $200 less than Toshiba's $299 list price and $100 off retail pricing of $199. Sony's dominant Blu-ray standalone player,the BDP-S300, is $499 and has shipped about 100,000 since it bowed this summer.

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MikeGdaGod4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

man y'all go to the bottom of the ocean looking for these stories, LOL!

EDIT: Cnet Asia? i'm not saying Cnet isn't a valid source, its just funny to see someone went to their asian site to find a story. obviously they were looking hard.

cooke154057d ago

Cnet is the bottom of the ocean?

Thugbot1874057d ago

Clearly Scottie doesn't know...

shmee4057d ago

BD is beating HD DVD 2;1 in NA and 9:1 in JAPAN at the moment

standalone HD DVD players.....???? HD DVD is non existent outside NA

even in NA BD outsells it 2:1 consistently in terms of softwares.

However Spidey 3, Rata, Pixar and cars are pounding the next gen charts as we speak so expect that margin to extend to 10:1 in the upcoming weeks

Snukadaman4057d ago

Where are they getting their numbers from.I dont see nowhere where they say how they get their numbers...are they also pulling them out of their azz like vgchartz?

jiggyjay4057d ago

What you have actually quoted saying that blu ray beats HD DVD 2:1 in software sales is actually a bad thing for blu ray! As you probably know Blu Ray players including the PS3 outnumber HD DVD players 6:1.. So with that many blu ray players out blu ray should be outselling HD DVD in software at least 5:1! So 2:1 is actually a good thing for HD DVD because that proves the fact that many more people bought a PS3 for the games and not as a blu ray player.. That's the reason why Paramount went exclusive HD DVD and the reason why Warner Bros still is supporting both! HD DVD will win this war we all know it and Blu Ray will just be like Betamax! Hopefully you haven't been buying movies on Blu ray!

enzobot244056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Don't go into economics....

That 2:1 ratio still means Blu-ray is selling better - that's all that matters.

No matter how loyal HD DVD's install base is - 40% of PS3 owners are still buying twice as many high-def discs.

On a side note, Paramount was "compensated" by Toshiba and NEC to go HD DVD... they were perfectly happy being neutral before.

Gizmo_Logix4056d ago

Nope. Might want to check the upscaling ability of those players. Crappy!

wallace10004056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Man you know a lot of people. There are about 5 million PS3 owners right and you know 40% of them are buying blu ray movies?! How do you keep track of 2 million friends? Or maybe you are full of crap because the PS3 owners i know (about 8) bought it for games and don't care about blu ray movies. If we apply your magic statistics to my sample, oh no i get 0%. Time for me to write an article about how 0% of PS3 owners are buying blu ray movies. I will just put a note at the bottom stating i have a sample size of 8 :-P

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C_SoL4057d ago

Blu-Ray FTW.

But, i don't really care. i just want a format to win....

jaja14344057d ago

I'll give you this. If you agree to realize that about 1 out of 3 PS3 owners buy BR movies, as given by the fact that BR has a 2:1 lead in terms of sales. Then I'll concede that it has 1.3 million + whatever its standalones.


Grassroots4057d ago

hahahah, your right it's over! Just look at the line up of movies, the software will sell on blu-ray of hd-dvd anyday!!!! They get Bourne, Shrek, Transformers, and the newly American Gangster. Most the other hits are on the other format, not to mention Mr. Spielberg's first HD movie Close Encounters. So these articles are a waste of people energy and time to right, read, or even wipe with.

People must underestimate Blu-ray and Disney. It's one (Toshiba) versus most of the electronic world backing blu-ray.

I'm honestly just sick of these stories taking up N4G, they are pointless, and well I'm here to look at game news.

I do apologize for the little rant about, just sick of seeing these horrible articles.

Cherchez La Ghost4056d ago

It's funny that you say that. Despite the fact that Blu-Ray has more studios, if you go to Circuit City (or Best Buy) they have the equivlent row amount of movies for HD-DVD as to Blu-Ray. Remember this also, 80% of these movies are remakes of older movies in Hi-Def. Face the facts, since HD-DVD died at least 20,000 times on this board..., "IT'S THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD"!!!!! BOOOO!!!!!

Remember, everyone does not play video games, so why buy a PS3 for a Blu-Ray player. We cannot say this about the 360, since the HD-DVD add-on is optional and strictly for HD-DVD movies only.

chrno4057d ago

lol.."stand-alone Blu-ray players" Notice how it does not take the ps3 into account, again.

jaja14344057d ago

So you commented on this without even reading the article? How do I know this, because he explicitly takes about the PS3 in 3 separate paragraphs. So umm try to actually read next time before you comment least you look like a moron. :)

Thugbot1874057d ago

"BDA claimed that Blu-ray is the premiere high definition format of choice with 25 different companies having released Blu-ray related products and more than one million PlayStation 3s shipped to the U.S.

Considering PS3 stations sold in US and Europe and Asia, It seems that Blu-Ray is the winner of the fight and has outpaced HD-DVD with an order of 5 to 1."

beavis4play4055d ago

it just seems weird to me to not put the ps3 in at the beginning with the rest of the players. this "stand-alone" crap is getting old. the ps3 plays blu-ray movies.-it's a player. and i'm not a fanboy. but the way these stories are written is flawed. whether it's the add-on for the 360, ps3, or other players made by diff. companies; they all should be counted. i think you lose credability by not wanting a more accurate article to represent what's going on.

and by the way- there are over 2 mil. ps3s in US.-not 1 mil.

Danja4057d ago


"I DO BLU"....

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