Evo 2011: Viscant wins Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Evo Championship

Original Gamer: "Viscant is the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Evo Champion. Besting more than 1000 competitors, San Diego's Jay "Viscant" Snyder defeated Eduardo "Puerto Rico Balrog" Perez in the Grand Final with the team of Wesker, Haggar, and Phoenix. PR Balrog won the first set (best of 5) against Viscant in dramatic fashion with the crowd going wild when PR Balrog had to defeat Viscant's Haggar and Phoenix(who was Dark Phoenix at this time) with just Tron Bonne. Being in the loser's bracket, PR Balrog would need to win a second set against Viscant, but in the second set, Viscant three games in a row."

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maniacmayhem2577d ago

PR Rog fought his heart out and was golden. But there is only so much you can do against a Dark Phoenix.

that said watching this makes me wonder if capcom feels shi##y for such a broken character.

GoldPS32577d ago

Phoenix should have been banned. It was a good EVO regardless. Congrats to all the winners.

disparage2577d ago

Yeah it was awesome. And they don't care about MvC3's all about Ultimate now. Speaking of which, Phoenix has been nerfed to high Hell.

maniacmayhem2577d ago

Has she? Very good news, too many players using her as an anchor, build up 5 meters, sacrifice her just so she can come back and then spam the jab button with a few TK shots.

disparage2577d ago

@maniacmayhem yep. She has less health and can only do one special move in the air now.

RockmanII72577d ago

Another thing is when you do an Ariel combo and tag out to the side the other person loses a super bar.

Ninja-Sama2577d ago

A Phoenix player won, big surprise...

Tito082577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Not very surprised that Viscant won, but PR-Rog really was the star of the show, perfected Justin Wong and tried his best at beating Viscant despite not being the winner, but there's always next year in UMVC3!!!!

RockmanII72577d ago

It's a shame that Dark Phoenix won, but it was cool watching some of the matches. AndyOCR and Combofiend really got my attention.