Should Current-Gen Consoles Retire? OXCGN Debates


"Our topic today is a fateful one: New consoles.

Nick: We need them. Current generation consoles, as noted in a piece by me recently, are outdated pieces of crap. We need the new, because until then, we’ll see Brown and Bloom Shooter 63 every year until more power is at the disposal of developers. Otherwise, the PC will continue to grow as it is generally unrestricted and can offer the most for titles such as Battlefield 3.

If a game such as Battlefield 3 runs watered-down on consoles but unrestricted on PC, it’s simply not fair...

David: While I admire your charitable conviction that console gamers should experience the same power and experience as the PC crowd there are two problems: 1) Consoles will never keep up (as described earlier) and 2) The costs of buying new consoles every 4-5 years in our current economic climate and the annoyance at constantly having your pride and joy superseded not long after will drive some to give up gaming altogether.

As for innovation (getting away from ‘Brown and Bloom’ shooters), this is dictated by the consumers (what they keep buying), the publishers (what they think makes money) and the developers (what they actually can create using imagination and skills). Plenty of low power XBLA or PSN or iOS games are much more creative and innovative than those with the ‘super powers’."

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gaminoz2609d ago consoles are being announced without being ready with games that really make use of them. That worked in the past, but these days we are a bit more jaded...

Proeliator2609d ago

Oh yes, let's go by what the public knows and base our assumptions off of that. :)

Clearly, the new consoles ARE being worked on and the software is still hush-hush.

I personally expect my Xbox 720 to feature an ice cream machine.

BadCircuit2609d ago

Remember the old 'George Foreman Grill' jokes about Sony console? Maybe not just a joke...

Best2609d ago Show
PS360PCROCKS2609d ago

Whoa! An ice cream machine!? Good thing I'm an up and coming chef and know how to make ice cream! Sign me up! Creme anglaise and sorbet, yummmmmyyyyyy

BadCircuit2609d ago

If consoles just get announced with more powerful specs like PCs and games are only about the graphics and processing power, then might as well just keep spending on PCs and forget about consoles altogether.

Pandamobile2609d ago

Yes, put them out of their misery already.

PS3Freak2609d ago

Typical moronic comment.

Ducky2609d ago

... Recursive statement?

Pandamobile2609d ago

Typical moronic response?

But seriously, this generation has dragged on long enough already and I'm getting rather sick/bored of it.

Are you guys that cheap that you don't want to shell out a couple hundred bucks to keep gaming moving forward for the next 6 years?

RevXM2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Even though Panda is quite annoying and all he does have a point.

Current high end PC hardware is 10 times as powerful as our 7th gen consoles. there is no software to showcase that hardware really but Metro 2033 is one of the few PC games that looks about worthy for new Hardware to put it that way.

People need to stop using the lack of optimized and proper made pc games as an excuse. (PC games doesnt look a gen ahead etc)

Current gen is old, It should NOT dissaper IMO but the next gen is needed to keep gaming and games to evolve and get better looking and get more complex and smart/realistic AI, physics etc.

Hardware speaks for itself.
And every 2 years hardware become about twice as powerful as to what existed 2 years before it.
Think about that. its been 6 years already.
And I compared Nvidia GT580 to the 360 GPU...
it is almost 11 times as powerful, if not more.

2012-13 is a fit release window for the next gen consoles.

This gen have been really good in my opinion, but it wont, and should not go on forever.
If you think that Uncharted 3 or Gears of war 3 looks amazing (which they do honestly) then imagine what 20 times the power can do!

Dart892609d ago

Should we stop writing articles about how current consoles are outdated??Hell yea.

We all know they are but what are you gonna do about it??

BadCircuit2609d ago

Umm one guy is saying that they shouldn't just announce new ones, so the current ones aren't past their use-by-date.

It's a debate. So 2 opinions.

paintsville2604d ago

No way they should retire. Well at least 360 anyways. I mean 360 is just getting started Baby! Most advanced GPU, unified shaders, unified RAM, multi core CPU. I mean, even John Carmack loves 360!!! Granted it isn't as powerful as an area51 alienware but it doesn't cost $3k either.
360, absolutely, gives best gaming for the buck. Period.
No retirement for current gen.

Belgavion2609d ago

I'll be ready for a new xbox in 2013. That'll do.

fluffydelusions2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I will take one holiday 2012 and please have dx11 and be bw compatible. Hrm wonder how Sony will handle dx11 next gen or if they will stick with opengl

PS360PCROCKS2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Hopefully Sony see's the light and realizes that PC's are the lead and that building a machine based on current and normal hardware will be good. I love my PS3, but at some point Sony has to jump on board and be a little more dev friendly. I want to see Tessellation, AA, AF, real lighting and better A.I./more A.I. and 1080P in every game and i will be happy.

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