Star Wars Wii lightsaber experience doomed to failure?

Ever since the Nintendo Wii was launched, patient gamers have been waiting for news on a Star Wars title that will allow them to use the Wii Remote as a lightsaber, with their real-time motions being mimicked onscreen. However, Jonathan Smith from TT games, the firm behind LEGO Star Wars didn't sound too confident about it ever happening in a way that millions expect.

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TruthbeTold4059d ago that the response and accuracy of the Nunchuk seems to be better suited for sword play than the Wii-mote side of the deal. Yet, since it isn't somewhat shaped like a sword, I doubt we'd see a lightsaber game configured that way. Nunchuck for lightsaber, Wii-mote for blocking, and force blasts I say.

Prismo_Fillusion4059d ago

I'm not even sure how the Nunchuck motion sensoring works. The thing is so freaking light, it feels like it's empty! Maybe there's a very small Japanese man inside who's actually doing all the work...

Skerj4059d ago

Here's to Star Wars kid 2.0.

Fighter4059d ago

If nintendo makes that game then it will be awesome. If it's a third party (EA) then be skeptical of it.

Danja4059d ago

what about Lucas Arts..or are they with EA now..?

coolfool4059d ago

"When I play a game I want to feel like I’m a Jedi, not like I’m some kind of imbecile who just keeps on stabbing stuff in the guts. You’re not going to be able to fight with style because you won’t know how to put the moves together. There’s always got to be some sort of interface between what you’re doing and how the character’s making you feel cool. "

I think the simplest way around this would be to have a training mode where they teach some cool looking (and effective) stances, blocks, cuts and sword stokes. These moves could be of extra value in the game and also make you look and feel good when playing. This could be broken up into stages from novice to expert.

To encourage people to use these moves they could introduce some sort of "style points" system where you get rewarded for using the official "jedi" techniques.

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