Diablo 3 to Use Real Money for Transactions

Blizzard decides to follow in the foot steps of all the F2P titles out there by adding the option to use real money for in game transactions.

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agentxk2542d ago

I hope this doesn't end up giving people an unfair advantage. The whole facebook game mentality is really starting to irk me

ATi_Elite2542d ago

May i suggest we all get ready for some Diablo 3 hats. lol :)

oh and don't forget some $70 Monocles to go with your new hats.

agentxk2542d ago

man, how awful will it be if they make set items with certain pieces so rare that you almost HAVE TO buy em.

jadenkorri2542d ago

man, first it was monthly subscriptions, now dlc that is on the disc that we have to unlock with more money despite the fact we just bought the damn thing for 60 bucks.... now more money to get weapons/armor/rings/etc that only dumbass rich people can afford..ummm..wonder whats next... and they wonder why games are pirated so much or the used game industry makes billions of dollars.

evrfighter2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

sounds like pay to win to me.

Oh well I was still on the fence about it considering Kotick calls the shots in the end.

Makes it an easy decision for me.

Rushing_Punch2542d ago

Ugh, this is just a step to selling special items for cash as well. If that is the case, I'll be completely done with Blizzard

Rushing_Punch2542d ago

I guess they hope to get gamers playing this game as long as they played D2 and then they can profit long term off of these micro transactions.

lMHl2541d ago

ill whore my self out on this game

NuclearDuke2541d ago

Blizzard has never sold gameplay advantages. Never. They sell cosmetics and that is a stance that they have promised and kept that promise for more than 10 years now, even in World of Warcraft with 10 million subscribers, you cannot purchase gameplay advantages from Blizzard.

maawdawg2541d ago

...until now.

There is nothing to stop any new player from instant gearing themselves with the best gear available if they don't mind wasting a few hundred dollars. Now at any level you can have a competitive advantage for a monetary investment.

This is terrible news for anyone who was interested in any type of PVP in Diablo 3.

blitz0x2542d ago

Im up in the air on the real money thing. Ive seen it work well, and Ive seen the other side as well

ultrapepe2542d ago

Yeah, it's a very interesting idea. In some places it can be profitable and then in others it can actually end up costing the developer money. It's all about the way that it's implemented. Blizzard doesn't seem to be losing a single thing by implementing the system this way, well other than having a true hard-core audience.

lMHl2541d ago

as in hardcore sex audience?

Lavalamp2542d ago

What the hell am I supposed to do with all this Monopoly money?

madcowz642542d ago

That's simmilar to other f2p games like Maple Story where as good as you are, if you don't spend some real money, you will get no where. Chances are things like High Runes or unique items will be sold by other players who hunt for items all day and since they will be hard to find for people who have low magic find(assuming HR's are still hard to find and MF exists and contributes to unique items).

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The story is too old to be commented.