Top 7: Most Satisfying Finishing Moves

GP Blogger, Ordinary Gentleman writes, "The great thing about video games, as in life, is when you take everything you have within you and put it into a final effort. While in the real world, this surmountable effort can vary from giving the last punch in a championship bout, pushing for the last mile in a race, or sucking in just enough air to fit into those fancy slim fit jeans.

In the end, this list amasses the top seven of the most epic finishing moves in all of video game-dom."

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Best2573d ago

My most satisfying move (which should be #1 on the list) is killing someone when i'm in last stand!

Jio2573d ago

I'd like to see you try to play Battlefield 3 or any other hardcore shooter like Call of Duty

Yi-Long2573d ago

... are probably the team-finishes in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. Those are amazing.

Dart892573d ago

My number one is Noob saibots 1st fatality.

Rushing_Punch2573d ago

You get props solely for the deadpool comic pic

StifflerK2573d ago

The most impressive I've seen were from Ultimate Ninja Storm.

Funnily enough I think the first game had better finishers then the second.

Here's the vid, check 'em out.

2573d ago
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