PSLS: Catherine Review

PSLS writes: "Catherine has finally made its way from Japan to North America after a few months of localization. Atlus has made it a mission to make sure this puzzle game is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or played before, and we can confidently say that it strays from the norm in every way imaginable. But more importantly, is Catherine a game that’s just another one-night stand, or is it good enough to take home to Mama?"

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Lifewish2543d ago

Still need to try this more, enjoyed the demo.

Keith Olbermann2543d ago

This games a 10. Ive been playing it for days now and cant get enough. Love it!

Trexman892543d ago

This game was awesome! but the controls wern't that good whenever I tried to spider crawl. trying to get vincent to go where i wanted him to was a pain sometimes.

LOGICWINS2543d ago

Did you use the D-PAD? The D-PAD works wonderfully for me. Much better than using the analog sticks.

Sev2543d ago

This game rocks. Catherine is so sexy.

fossilfern2543d ago

Cant wait for this to hit the UK !

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