Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (PSP) Review *Brutal Gamer*

It is few gamers who fail to recognize the legacy that the Final Fantasy series has created. After decades of game time and appearances on a wide range of consoles, the Final Fantasy name is still one that brings instant respect. With a price tag of just $9.99, the newly released Playstation Network version of the 2007 game Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions gives Final Fantasy fans old and new the opportunity to play a widely respected Final Fantasy game without a hefty price tag. But can a game from 2007 stand up to the high expectations of gamers today, or are older games better left in the past?

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JonnyBigBoss2576d ago

This is arguably my favorite game of all time. I beat the PS1 version 5 times, and now I'm playing through WotL on my new PSP. It is so much fun, I LOVE it.

bangoskank2576d ago

I still have the PS1 version and am on my second play through. Is there any reason to pick up WotL besides the animated intro? Any graphical or story upgrades? Leaning towards most definitely buying it when I purchase my Vita.

banjadude2576d ago

The intro scene, with the "bland logo" theme playing... so epic.

pain777pas2576d ago

The Old but new Tactics Ogre PSP is very very good. Visually it is not at FFTs level but man it is a fun game. The amount of customization and tinkering is mind boggling. Plus there is a crafting system that is really cool. If you like FFT you owe it to your self to play if you haven't already.

bangoskank2576d ago

Most definitely picking up tactics ogre:let us cling together. That and ff type-0 if it gets localized.

Knushwood Butt2575d ago

Tactics Ogre PSP is outstanding.

2576d ago
TheRichterBelmont2576d ago

Ugh, how I wish this was just on PS3 and not a handheld.

Kamikaze1352576d ago

Can't wait to download this from iTunes on Wednesday! Love the PSP version, but I don't have a PSP anymore :(

No_Pantaloons2576d ago

So they're porting the remake to psn like the original, no harm I guess, but it really makes me wonder why they still haven't considered a sequel given its obvious appeal. And no the gba versions doesn't count, I want a full sequel to the original for ps3.

Kamikaze1352576d ago

Idk...knowing Square-Enix, they would implement a feature and make changes that NOBODY ASKED FOR and end up ruining the series. I would love a proper sequel though. Hell, even on the Vita.

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