Jonmau5′ Monday Rant – Fanboys Suck But Gaming Needs Fanboys

TPV Writer Jonmau5 writes "Other TPV journalists and I have published articles that have bucked the trend that other game websites have followed or set. Other websites may have all gave glowing reviews for a game and myself or others have reviewed the game and given it a low score. This infuriated the fanboys, the Dynasty Warriors Gundam fanboys wanted to set Jonesy on fire and hit him over the head with their robot toys, if they are allowed day release from the funny farm this may actually happen!

Gaming needs fanboys even though they are very annoying, they create debate, they are loyal and will definitely buy the products and back them with their loyalty, (possibly) influencing others to buy some of the fanboy backed games or consoles."

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Rashonality2570d ago

no it don't, in the Golden era of modern gaming a.k.a the PS2/Xbox days, there were fanboys only people who loved certain game or series.

fanboyesm is nothing but a corporate technique to make people talk more about their products and spread public knowledge about it just like the word-of-mouth but EVIL, they manipulate people to gain their loyalty and make them love and defend their products.