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The company’s first game, Kung Fu Live was designed from the ground up for the Playstation Eye. So of course, switching from Playstation Eye to the Kinect is always an interesting design decision

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Bigpappy2611d ago

For those who still think Kinect and Eyetoy are the same, read what these guys had to say on that matter.

NewMonday2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

they practically say its like an upgraded Eyetoy

they also say the game will come out on disk, to justify that they will make it bigger.

Bigpappy2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Hahaaa! you guys are the best! Is that really what you got from reading that article.

We all know that ET was used a camera detecting motion of player, on console before Kinect, but that is was not the point you guys were trying to make. The PSEye is and upgrade ET. Kinect is and upgrade 3DV-Z camera, which was the first 3D motion camera we were shown. But even here in a 2D app, it can do far more than the PSeye. It makes the job of the developer much easier and does what they were trying to do with software.

Doesn't song like this one can work on PSeye. That is what I took away from the interview.

cstyle2611d ago

Kinect is not a upgraded eyetoy. No where in that interview did they mention eyetoy. This game will be crap but it will be better on kinect than PS eye.

Micro_Sony2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

The final product will show the differences between the Eye Toy and Kinect.

I can see this game coming out really polished on Kinect since they said that Kinect is much easier to work with than the Eye Toy.

Wont surprise if MS buys these guys as they have talent.

Just_The_Truth2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

hey bigpappy what's the price difference of the two? it's an extra $120 for this btw the eyetoy came out in 2003 nearly ten years and there almost identical. On the point though the fact that you can kick towards the screen will make this game much better, the ps3 one was crap serious crap couldn't even finish it because it was so broken. instead of using background removal they should have just put a character in your place one that would actually stay on the ground.

Micro_Sony2611d ago


I think this might be the game to make me finally pick up Kinect.

theplay2611d ago

IT the eyecam not the eye toy.
I play the game on the PS3 its a good game.

cstyle2611d ago

It is a good game but its riddled with bugs. Kinect version will be a bit better because of the better technology.