MotorStorm Devil's Weekend - Available Nov. 8th

On November 8th, a new server Update 3.0 patch will become available, as will new Devil's Weekend downloadable content on the PSN Store.

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crazy250003460d ago

ive been waiting for this update....couldnt figure out when it would be released in the us

MikeGdaGod3460d ago

i wonder if there are new tracks or just new races???

if there are only new races i might pass if the price ain't right.

mccomber3459d ago

Devil's Crossing. Check the ign link I just added to the alternate sources for their impressions and info.

Shaka2K63460d ago

Buying that for sure...

Danja3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Gives us 2 player split screen....this game rocks though...

xplosneer3459d ago

Agreed 100% then and only then will this be AAA IN MY EYES. Thank you. I have already stated this on the blog if you follow the link.


man i cant wait to get the new rides!see you in the STORM!

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