Battlefield 3: Evidence That Current Generation Consoles Are Horribly Outdated


"Battlefield 3 is looking to be shooter of the year, and an all-time classic to set the precedent for what will be a very deciding decade of interactive entertainment.

"As a gamer who owns all of the consoles and who builds (and loves) the PC platform, I can’t help but feel pity for those who will be playing the title on a console.

"The PC version will run at true 1080p HD visuals, have support for 64-player multiplayer scenarios, and features unrestricted map size.

"The console versions, on the other hand, will run at sub-HD 720p, support a maximum of 24-player multiplayer, and have cut-down maps.

"Let’s face it: this is clear, blatant evidence that the current generation of consoles are horribly outdated, and are hindering what gaming can aspire to ascertain."

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omi25p2609d ago

Then you look at Uncharted 3 and Gears of war 3 and realise games this gen can still look amazing.

Pandamobile2609d ago

At 720p and 30 FPS, lololol.

They can add all the fancy shaders, and lighting effects that can to console games, but resolution is arguably the most important thing when it comes to a visually pleasing game, in my opinion. I'd take BF2's graphics at 1080p and 60 FPS, than BF3's console graphics at <720p and <30 FPS.

powerofcell2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Haha you PC gamers have no clue what you are talking about. The cell is a very powerful chip.

The real reason why PS3 isnt doing all games in 1080p yet is because Sony doesnt want devs to be able to take full advantage of the PS3s hardware yet.

"We don't provide the 'easy to program for' console that (developers) want, because 'easy to program for' means that anybody will be able to take advantage of pretty much what the hardware can do, so then the question is, what do you do for the rest of the nine-and-a-half years?" explained Hirai.

I agree with Sonys strategy, how would we see progress if all the hardwares potential was available on the first year of launch.

Edit: i see PC and Xbox gamers disagreeing, sucks to be stuck with outdated hardware, No cell no bluray, no RSX hahaha.

JsonHenry2609d ago

I wonder if powerofcell really believes that or if it is just a troll account?

Back on topic- Just because UC3 and Gears3 will look good on consoles doesn't mean that the consoles are not outdated. I don't think it a takes a genius realize that hardware that was lagging behind when it was launched is outdated all the more 6 years later.

PRHB HYBRiiD2609d ago

so what if is at 720 30 fps they STILL look amazing and play very well i don't need 1080p to enjoy my game.

TheIneffableBob2609d ago

Yeah, this is pretty evident in Resistance 3.

The post-processing effects and lighting in that game are beautifully done, but as a compromise the significantly cut the resolution. So the game is blurry and edges are blocky.

powerofcell2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

It doesnt really matter if BF3 is Sub HD on console. Most of us PS3 gamers actually prefer the blurry look. 1080p is just too sharp for my eyes.

Also its not like we wont be getting a 1080p option, i wouldnt be surprised if afew years from now a HD remake is announced on the PS4, at which time we will be getting the option to buy the game in 1080p, i say its a win win situation. We get to play the game in 720p today and get to play it in 1080p later, PC gamers are stuck in hi res land and have no options.

Proeliator2609d ago

@powerofcell Clearly, you are trolling. Your arguments are laughable.

SoapShoes2609d ago

@Panda, they still look GREAT though. Resolution is good, but not the end all be all. I can play a game from 2000(Tribes 2) with ultra high resolution on my PC but it still looks like ass.

iamgoatman2609d ago


"Most of us PS3 gamers actually prefer the blurry look. 1080p is just too sharp for my eyes."

For the love of god don't say that too often, knowing this site it wouldn't take too long before people start repeating it and actually believing it.

On topic, despite consoles still knocking out some good looking games they're now getting a bit long in the tooth, 720p 30FPS has been the standard this gen but times change and hardware moves on, and the consoles need to as well.

badz1492609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

"I'd take BF2's graphics at 1080p and 60 FPS, than BF3's console graphics at <720p and <30 FPS"

seriously dude...just for the sake of trolling or what?

see the video below and many more on YouTube and even a child can see that BF2 looks like shit compared to MANY MANY games on consoles this gen! even Conduits on the Wii looks miles better!

Pandamobile2609d ago


When you line up a game running at 1080p on a 1080p monitor at 60+ FPS, then show a game that obviously has better graphics than it running at <720p on a 1080p screen at 30 FPS, one could argue that the older game at a higher res and FPS looks more visually pleasing because of how crisp and smooth the picture is.

Ravens202609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Except that nobody cares about PC gaming. It's basically irrelevant "lololol"

Frame rate and all that stuff that makes the game look more pretty, doesn't make the game more enjoyable

It's still the same game.

HeavenlySnipes2609d ago

How do I have less bubbles than powerofcell?

Ducky2609d ago

"Frame rate and all that stuff that makes the game look more pretty, doesn't make the game more enjoyable"

Please tell me that was sarcasm.

Frame-rate has a pretty big impact on how enjoyable a game is.

Hockeydud192609d ago

If console gamers dont own a pc then their happy with what they get and dont worry what a game looks like on pc. Pc gamers likewise. Pc gamers are always trying to shove their powerful rigs in peoples faces, but hey. If you like having to pay hundreds every few months to get the best graphics be my geust. Ill be using tht money to get the games i want.

Pandamobile2609d ago

I haven't touched the internals of my computer in over two years and I can max run BF3 on max settings at 1080p and 40-60 FPS.

Oh, and guess what, I can also afford to buy all the games I want, plus tons of great indie titles on Steam.

SilentNegotiator2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

"720p and 30 FPS, lololol"? The snobbery never ends. It's not like 720p is unsightly or 30fps is unplayable. You're simply mad that console gamers are playing all of the games/series that used to be exclusive to the PC. If pretending like us getting games and being "demeaned" into playing at 720p30fps makes you feel better, good for you.
+1 immature for all of your comments.

OXCGN is ready for a new console? Shocker. /s
If there's any site plenty ready to see another system rushed out and pushed on us with billion dollar marketing campaigns, it's OXCGN or PX360.

ZombieNinjaPanda2609d ago


Clearly trolling, but I'll play along.

You're completely full of crap if you think no one cares about PC gaming.


Clarence2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Well good for you. Its obvious that developers are making more money by bring games that once were PC only to consoles now. You can have all the graphics you want, but the truth of the matter is all these FPS are selling way more on consoles than on PC.

Thats without 1080p and without 60fps.

starchild2609d ago

The truth is, unless you own every single game platform you WILL miss out on good games.

But most of us don't have the time or the money to play EVERY good game out there. It's more about picking the platform, or platforms, that best suits your tastes and needs.

For me, most of the games I like tend to be multiplatform games. So whichever platform gives me the best experience with those games (in this case, the PC) is the platform I will tend to prefer.

The PC enhances my experience in quite a few ways: modding, better graphics & performance, better online options, etc.

I really have a problem with people who act like there is something wrong with caring about graphics or performance. They always insinuate that PC gamers care more about graphics than gameplay, which frankly is a load of crap.

Gameplay and story are of course the core of any game, and good graphics are never going to turn a bad game into a good one.

That said, once you have decided that a game IS worth your time, what is wrong with wanting to experience it in its most pristine and refined form?

It's like telling people they shouldn't care about getting that HDTV or Blu-ray player they are thinking about because it's "all about the movies". Well, duh, it's all about the movies, but that doesn't mean that you don't want to experience said movies in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

There is nothing abnormal about wanting to move from that 27" standard-def tube tv to a nice big-screen HDTV, nor is there anything wrong with wanting to experience the games you love with the best graphics and performance possible.

lMHl2609d ago

she's got it, you got it, whose got it?, we got it!!!

GrandTheftZamboni2609d ago

"I'd take BF2's graphics at 1080p and 60 FPS, than BF3's console graphics at <720p and <30 FPS."

Have fun. I'd rather play the game on my comfy sofa than at my desk.

Morbius4202608d ago

I can't believe you have only one bubble...have another.

net1234562608d ago

Lol Powerofcell is clearly not a ps3 fanboy he just mocks PS3 fanboys. Its very sublime in the comments I read until now but here he showed his true intensions . Those commens where to much this time. Tune it a little down if you want to still pass as a PS3 fanboy.

BTW the blurry look most of the time doesnt come from low resolution but from quincux AA they blur the whole image to make jaggies disappear like in assassins creed that really looks ugly on PS3 so blurry its not even funny. I still have to decide whats worse. having no AA or having quincux AA. Infamous 2 would be pretty if not every edge would blink like a neon sign if you move. Resolution doesnt add that much to visual quality if you dont have a huge screen or sit 10 inches away. 32 inch 2 meters away and its hard very hard to tell if 1080p or 720p the further you sit away from your screen the smaller the screen is the less you are able to see the difference until its physically impossible to tell the difference at all. The blurry pictures in consoles have less to do with resolution and more with AA. Sometimes its even used at purpose like in Infamous where the picture is blurry until you start the electricity then it becomes clear. I can live with 720p what honestly bugs me is the size of maps getting cut and just1/3 of online players thats a reason to wait for a ps4 version or to buy it for pc. the ps3 comes to its limits mainly due to lack of Ram which cant be compensated by the Cell unlike a weak gpu.The Cell is the last part aside from bluray thats not totally outdated. Ofcourse 2xBluray and a chip with a mere 235 Million Transistors is also outdated but not as extreme as the rest of the Hardware.

Bonobo123452608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

LOL powerofcell, That made my day!.

OnTopic, We have had this article many times before(pretty much), I'm sure people know how old the consoles are, and they must know by now how nice a game looks at 1080p and at 60FPS.

I own a pretty beastly PC and I love playing most multi platform games on there, Its lovely having smooth motion and less jaggies. But playing the same games on console does not hinder my enjoyment of the game and I regularly find myself having some good old Uncharted and Killzone sessions. I am still very impressed with the graphics. Its all still pretty damn good If you ask me, and why some people feel the need to put consoles down constantly is beyond me. Yeah consoles are old, why are you advertising such a blatant fact to people that either already know, or are just going to deny it?

For all you non PC gamers out there I would say, don't let these articles get to you, Don't fret about the version of the game you get. Know that it's still damn good and the games are rarely on 'lowest settings' as some people would like you to believe. After playing extensively on a game the differences become meaningless.

I will get battlefield on my PS3 first because of the fact that all my immediate friends only have PS3's and I will want to enjoy this great game with them, and I will not be dissapoint.
Likewise for a game like Skyrim I will get it on my PC because of the stream of MOD's that is sure to follow (and the pain of installing them)
I love it all....

stu8882608d ago

get me a £200 PC that can run BF3 to the spec the PS3 is, then we'll talk.

To all Console gamers, when the new consoles come out, I guarantee that the loud mouth PC gamers will go back to that shit hole they crawled out of.

Consoles F**K THE WORLD!

Kurt Russell2608d ago

I can't believe anyone is wasting their time arguing with powerofcell...

If you respond to a troll comment, the troll wins.

lil Titan2608d ago

all it shows is that some developers are not willing to find a solution to make things better. DICE is a great development team but there aim is pc players so why would they invest time and more money in making the console version on par with the pc game when console gamers are used to taking shit and getting over it. pc gamers b* tch until they get what they want they know how to come together and get what they want

powerofcell2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )


Pc is progressing too fast which isnt necessarily a good thing. people dont get to enjoy what is out, before they know it something better is out. this sort of sucks because u never know what best pc has to offer.

As a PS3 gamer i can safely say uncharted 2 is still one of the best looking games. this is so cool, its so predictable. i would feel so out of touch if something better was out all the time. All of this new stuff coming so soon must be hard on the pc gamers.

frostypants2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

30fps is plenty. What is this obsession with 60fps? It's sorta nice to have but the impact is minimal in anything less than fast-moving racing titles.

Pushing for 60fps in a shooter is a waste of processing power. On my PC, I always push for the most detail possible whilst staying above 25fps. If I'm at 60fps, it means there are detail sliders I need to crank up (or, it's just an old ass game).

Ducky2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

"Pushing for 60fps in a shooter is a waste of processing power."

What games do you play?

30fps is horribly low, especially for multiplayer First-Person Shooters.
High frame-rate is essential for precise aiming, especially in engines where game-engine calculations depend on the frame-rate (such as CoD).

Substance1012608d ago

Lol frosty too late for damage control, 30fps is terrble for FPS games.

Its like a constant bullet time effect lol.

Shepherd 2142608d ago

MGS4 and Halo 3 run at 640p. Wanna fight about it?

subtenko2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

who the eff cares? dagon some of you PC gamers are so stuck up! You upgrade your PC's constantly, its like all you care about is graphics. If that is indeed the case then if you dont have at least ONE other console, your missing out on exclusives. Thats why there is a system called the ps3, xbox360, and nintendo wii....

I enjoy both PC gaming and home console gaming, I dont have a high end PC tho so I dont play the games with top-notch settings :/ least I get to enjoy diversity.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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gaminoz2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

@ omi25p

I agree. Though I'm no expert it seems that they can always squeeze a bit more out of the systems if they try.

I don't like sitting at a PC to game, and so don't buy PC games.

Pandamobile2609d ago

They're running out of stuff to squeeze, (that's what she said) as a console is a fixed system with fixed limitations.

They are homogenous platforms with 6 year old technology. They need to go.

Hufandpuf2609d ago

You really don't have to sit at a PC, there are ways to hook up your desktop to a tv screen.

DERKADER2609d ago

Yeah, it's called an HDMI cable. The same way you would hook up a console to a TV.

Corepred42609d ago

PC are for nerds, lol. When do you hear people at work talking about graphics card, etc. No people just say whats your psn/tag so i can tea bag you. simple.

Moragami2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Yeah Corepred4, I'm sure all your coworkers at Burger King don't talk about PC's and they do talk about psntags.

Face it, most people aren't smart enough to build a PC, or master a PC game.

frostypants2608d ago

Yes, there are ways to hook a desktop up to a TV.

The problem is there is no way to do so with dignity.

kramun2608d ago

'The problem is there is no way to do so with dignity. '

What do you even mean by that? How can you not do it with dignity? Can you only hook a pc up when you're wearing your underpants or something?

Lol, you're a funny one frosty :P

Bonobo123452608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I have my PC hooked up to my HDTV and I sit on my bed. Problem now is I have yet to find an effective way of using a mouse on my lap.

I am getting owned at BF because I have my mouse on a notebook, and it's not super smooth, also the position is never good for precision....

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miDnIghtEr2609d ago

since when is 720p sub HD?

Organization XII2609d ago

Actually, I've been gaming at 1280x1024 (that's higher than 720p) since the year 2002 when I first bought a PC to game on.

Nowadays, 720p is a joke in PC standards, so no it's not really a high-definition resolution. And once you try a game in complete 1080p glory on HD TVs/monitors, trust me, you wont revert back to the outdated blurry excuse of an HD res, which is 720p.

Hicken2609d ago

That's like saying that since we have HD, sub-HD color TV is the same as black and white...

badz1492609d ago

"And once you try a game in complete 1080p glory on HD TVs/monitors, trust me, you wont revert back to the outdated blurry excuse of an HD res, which is 720p."

wow, not even to play games not available on PCs such as PS3 or Wii exclusives? dude, you're not a gamer, you're just a graphic whore!

Ranshak2608d ago

Wii exclusives run better on the PC so you can cross that out ;-) lol

miDnIghtEr2608d ago

@Organization XII

How many people are pc gaming on screens bigger than 47 inches? You can't even see the difference from 720p to 1080p on screens smaller than that. Or maybe 42 inches. not sure which one it is.

Point is... how many PC gamers are using screens that big to see a slight difference between 720p and 1080p? not many at all.

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abczby2609d ago

They don't look much different when compared to their predecessors.

We're definitely in need of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. I want Gears of War 4 to look like Unreal Engine 3's "Samaritan Tech Demo."

Bladesfist2609d ago

Wont ever happen on consoles, Not even on PC for a while. The PC for the samaritan cost multiple thousands.

andibandit2609d ago

we will once Sony opens up for access to all the SPU's and developers learn how to program for the PS3.

net1234562608d ago


Here we go again. The Samaritan Demo could have run on a cheaper Hardware it wasnt optimized at all so they went the brute force way. Id Tech Ceo is confident (google it) that aslong as the consoles provide an usual power boost in line with Moores law they will be able to ship games in that graphic (with significant improvments over the time). Pc can ALREADY make Samaritan Demo graphics if you could optimize it on one gtx 580 they said it in the interview following the samaritan demo.

hiredhelp2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

How do these posts get threw. it makes gamers like me who play on pc and console. look like cocks we saying consoles crap.
Well thats way i took this article.
My response is speak for yourself. dont try to compare pc to consoles how many times have we got to say this.

there games that are made purely for 1 system. for consoles' called exclusives and its thanks to thoes games that uses the consoles power to make games that cant be compared to pc. because its there own game designed and made around the consoles hardware and limits. and some the stuff they have produced are amazing.
bf3 is multiplatform. its offerd console owners a chance to get involved with a awsome fps game with one of the best engines this year so far.
And still people have to find some BS to knock consoles. stop being a ASS.

now i feel much better.. :-)

iPad2609d ago

I'll stick with console. I dont have to worry when a new CPU or GPU comes out, RAM memory, or even I picked up a wrong part.

fullmetal2972609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

OMGZ I GOTTA UPGRADE EVERYTIME I SEE SOMETHING NEW GRACE BETWEEN MY NUTSACK. Yeah right, I've had my HD 5850 for two and half years now and it still plays games like a beast so enough with this upgrade every year crap and come up with something new already.

phinch2608d ago

Ive had my ps3 for 4 years now and plan on having it for ever as they will never be able to not play ps3 games....

f7897902608d ago

Using your incompetence of picking the wrong part as a reason for sticking with consoles is idiotic. I have a 3870 and it plays everything on high. Meanwhile AMD is up to the 6000's. I'm 3 generations behind and doing just fine.

You'll have a ps3 until the ps4 comes out then.... you have to upgrade to play new games. Upgrading a pc costs around $300 when you have all the other parts (drives, power supply).

awi59512609d ago

@omi25p you forgot to add in a small area lol.

lMHl2609d ago

I think Uncharted 3 and gears of war 3 look terrible and should realise who there fucking with and
GO HOME! before skyrim and battlefield 3 gutter stomp there stupid asses

captainjy2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

@Powercell, you win. I'm replying to your idiocy. Really dude, we are about 5 years into the life of the PS3 and you're trying to convince people that Sony doesn't want devs to use the super, mega, nuclear power of the mighty PS3 processor!??!?! Next you'll be chanting, "2012 is Sony's year!" Give me an effing break.

raWfodog2608d ago

You didn't know that his posts were being sarcastic? I know it's hard to tell over the internet.

gamingdroid2608d ago

I'm really sad that the leap from console to PC is so big now. It is blatantly obvious, that consoles are far behind the curve. No questions about it.

Unfortunately for us, there is just not enough competition so we won't see a new powerful console for a while.

PC's has it's weaknesses, but nobody can argue that if a game is on PC and consoles, PC always wins in the performance department.

I love the convenience of my console (and will stick by it), but it is WHAT IT IS! Want the best looking game, get a PC!!!

showtimefolks2608d ago

i am perfectly happy with current consoles and i am in no hurry to spend 400-500 for a new consoles

maybe we can't get pc resolution but i still think games look above average

and just because game doesn't run 60fps doesn't mean its bad. insomniac went from 60 to 30fps for all their upcoming game because they said they could get better results

the only thing i dis like about pc gamers they act like they are the only ones supporting gaming when its the other way around

Ducky2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

"could careless"

> Isn't it: couldn't care less?

"i still think games look above average"

> Above average compared to...?

"the only thing i dis like about pc gamers they act like they are the only ones supporting gaming when its the other way around"

> So pc gamers are the only ones that don't support gaming? O.o

They're complaining that the current-gen has hit a roadblock, both in visuals and performance... but you want to delay the next-gen because you don't want to spend the money of a new console.

Which one of these two groups do you think is the bigger supporter of gaming?

showtimefolks2608d ago

so if we do a poll of 1000 gamers more will say no to a new console now. What's all this noise about is whenever a new pc game comes out which will look better and play better on pc we start to see article of we want new consoles

BF series has always been a pc series so its no surprise it look better on pc its suppose to.

one thing i did not understand is when dice said on pc version each match can have more players and their reason for consoles not getting as many players believe it or not was because pc crowd asked for it much louder than console gamers

so really for a game that will do better on consoles sales wise just because we not lot asking for it doesn't mean we don't want it

end of the day you want a new console wait for wii which is suppose to be next next gen i guess i will wait for ps4 and next xbox in next 2-3 years since these consoles are still selling for 300 bucks and long away from selling for 99

Kurt Russell2608d ago

I'd say yes to a new console. I don't mind too much if it does end up being a couple of years away, but I would rather the next generation sooner than later.

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BadCircuit2609d ago

I personally can't afford to buy new consoles all the time- I want to spend my money on games! If that means my game isn't quite as good as the PC version, I don't care.