MvC3 Evo 2011 finals here

The 8 man final for Marvel vs Capcom 3 is about to begin

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maniacmayhem2425d ago

This article is late to the party. The article stating the winner has already been posted.

And it was a battle of the ages. How unfortunate that the winner had to use Phoenix as an anchor just to win.

props to PR Rog who played without Phoenix and like a true pro.

2425d ago
BlueEye2425d ago

First he got beat by Poongko (Seth) from Korea, then eliminated by Latif (Viper). Poongko vs Daigo was the most amazing match I have ever seen.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2425d ago

Who beat him in the MvC3 tourny? The only match I saw him play in that was against showstopper. That match was crazy.

maniacmayhem2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Poongko made Daigo look free. It was amazing. He even got a perfect on Daigo. His Seth was a beast, he read Daigo's every move.

Was glad to see Yun was not in the final match. But Fei was...oh well.

BlueEye2425d ago

No idea why I talked about SSFIV, probably cause it was so hype. Anyway Daigo got eliminated before top 32 so there ain't many records for him. Here is a list of EVO 2011 results