New Crysis 2 Black Fire Mod Takes It To New Levels Of Insanely Beautiful

Dual Pixels - Crysis 2 was already made my GPU scream when I tried to play it at Ultra DX11 settings. The beautiful Crysis 2 graphics only achievable on a powerful PC put consoles to shame. The community of Crysis 2 will now take the graphical intensity of Crytek's amazing game to new heights with the Black Fire Mod.

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EDI2612d ago

That red armor looks incredible, great community effort.

And the Scott tissue is great as well lol

I use it all the time !

jony_dols2611d ago

Crytek left space for modders to turn Crysis 2 into a graphical beast. Hopefully these mods will shut up PC elitists about how consoles 'ruined' Crysis.

Bob5702611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )


You obviously haven't played Crysis 1 if you don't think consoles ruined Crysis. Despite having prettier graphics, Crysis 2 still sucks. The gameplay is clunky, player movement sucks and is incredibly consolized, all the weapons are hitscan, and the environments no longer allow any exploration.

I am primarily a console gamer, but consoles did undeniably kill Crysis.

nickjkl2611d ago

but its all wrong

the comparison pictures for the original crysis dont even have shadows in some images

not to mention it destroys the lighting you cant see anything in a dark space because the contrast was put to high and when your outside during day its just so bright

it ruins the entire aesthetic of the game of an alien invasion and makes it look like cod with aliens and powers

lastly these shots are not even in dx 11

starchild2611d ago

I love mods. They give you choices about how you want your game to look and play, which greatly extends the life of the game.

This one looks great. Textures are greatly improved, shadows are way more defined (although not necessarily realistic, it still looks great), and the sharpness and clarity has been improved. I like it a lot.

BeastlyRig2612d ago

Can't wait for Skyrim mods!

Mr Patriot2611d ago

cant wait to play it on my 360

Organization XII2611d ago

MR Patriot, lol Skyrim on Xbox? everyone knows that the definite Elder Scrolls experience is on PC.

BubbleSniper2611d ago

Me either, but more importantly, I can't wait for SKYRIM!

RedDead20672612d ago

Looking great. Love the mods.

majdees2612d ago

Why don't games release with this level of quality?? I'd say kick the current people and hire these guys. Simply beautiful!

Salarian2612d ago

It's easier to improve on something that's already there than it is to create something from scratch.

Bay2612d ago

Geez...that's crazy. I especially love those new textures, now that's what I call an upgrade.

Now if only the entire game gets an overhaul like this...

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The story is too old to be commented.