Joystiq: Catherine Review

Joystiq, "Like any relationship worth having, Catherine takes effort, but the end result is worth it".

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Canary2396d ago

So Catherine is here! Yay!


Okay, I'm done with it. Persona 5, please.

Rashonality2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

nothing but love and respect to you sir, but lets face it persona 5 WILL take sometime to come out, so while we wait lets do the next best thing a persona fan would a game that was made by the same team who makes persona games,lets support Atlus so they can supply us with more Persona game and other great games.

Canary2396d ago

It's been three years. Another Persona by this time next year isn't exactly out of the question.

Rashonality2396d ago

so at least a year from now, so until July 2012 lets do other stuff to take our mind off Persona, cuz there's nothing worse than waiting.

JonnyBigBoss2396d ago

Meh. The game got old pretty fast and has some underwhelming gameplay, but to each their own!

Tru_Ray2396d ago

Did you play the game to its conclusion? The puzzles get progressively trickier as the story advances. There are many twists in the narrative as well.

I think that this game is resonating with gamers in their 30s that have had to make many life changing decisions.

bangoskank2396d ago

So true. Aside from the cerebral aspect of the gameplay I'm loving and can relate to the main character and general theme of Catherine although I think the interaction between characters would have fared better if a bit more realistic. Some of the dialogue makes me cringe but solid game otherwise.

Hicken2396d ago

At least Catherine is getting pretty well-deserved reviews.

2396d ago
bangoskank2396d ago

I'm addicted. I think the game awesome. The story was spoiled for me by some little dick who was apparently watching his older brother play the game. Some people shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

Tru_Ray2396d ago

There are eight different endings to the game. Surely he couldn't have spoiled them all...


bangoskank2396d ago

He revealed the end boss which I'm sure is the same no matter what conclusion you end up with. Gives a lot away but I won't spoil it for anyone. On stage 6 myself. Savoring the experience. Like ant relationship it would be detrimental to rush. That and I'm playing two other games at the moment.