GritBit: Battlefield 3 to come to Steam afterall?

GritBit writes: "It appears that after all the EA vs Valve controversy, Battlefield 3 may come to Steam after all. Yes, it is true. Or well, it is according to an EA customer support representative and with some delay..."

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aviator1892396d ago

Well, it would mean more sale for EA, so it makes perfect sense. And of course, Steam > Origins.

Reebo2396d ago

I think nearly everyone can generally agree with both of those statements. However, that isn't to say that Origin is bad. It just needs to be less intrusive into.... well, everything.

stevenhiggster2396d ago

No, Origin is just bad. It has very very limited everything really! It just plain sucks.

BattleAxe2396d ago

Well I hope this is true, because I like keeping everything in my Steam library with a nice Grid Viem Icon. Outside of that, I don't trust EA's ability to get origin running properly, especially once the site traffic reaches a certain point. Heck, the EA website doesn't even load up properly half the time, or you can't sign in or out sometimes.

ATi_Elite2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Origins is bad!

if you do not play your games for 2 years they can remove them from your account which is total bullshite!! Read the Eula.

i got quit a few Steam games i haven't played in two years easy but would fire them up again for good mods.

malol2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

my PC specs are

intel i5 560
gtx 560 ti (oc @ 950)
4 GB of Ram (could upgrade)
and Windows 7 home basic 32 (could upgrade)

can i run this game on high ?? not max or very high
please if anyone here with experiences on the subject tell me thanx

Killzoned2396d ago

I would say Medium + possibly even high

C_Menz2396d ago

If you upgrade to 8gb of ram and get 64 bit you can run BF3 most likely maxed out.

Motorola2396d ago

Update your OS and RAM if you CAN. It's not vital to do so. What res are you using? I think you will be fine.

malol2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

my default res is 1280 * 1024
and i can run like almost all my games maxed out at the same res with 60 FPS no problem

but this game looks hefty so im a bit afraid

@ C_menz
working on it buddy
but removing all those stuff form this PC is going to be a hassle

i got a 1 TB hard disk and i got alot of stuff on it (songs, pictures, movies, games you name it) so i am looking to it now

i hope so dude

Motorola2396d ago

1280 x 1024? You should have no problem running it on high with that resolution. 32 Bit Operating Systems cannot utilize more than 3GB of RAM. So you have a gig of unused RAM. If you are going to update ANYTHING. Update OS to 64 bit.

DeadlyFire2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Best option malol is buy another Hard drive. Transfer files then transfer them back when you have new 64-bit OS installed on other drive. Easy as pie. That way you have a back up drive for the future anyway.

MerkinMax2396d ago

My experience has been //Redacted under NDA//

malol2396d ago

i dont get it
what dose that mean ??
i sorry my English is a bit off

2396d ago
annus2396d ago

I just wanted to point out something as nobody has told you yet. DO NOT BUY ANOTHER COPY OF WINDOWS.Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit use the same CD key. When you purchase a key for Windows 7, you have purchased a key for 32 bit AND 64 bit (only one of them installed at a time though). You can download windows 7 home basic 64, reformat your computer and install the 64 bit version legally using your CD key you already have.

It is a zero cost upgrade, it will mean that if some of your hardware and software supports 64 bit, it will utilise it. Just like it will support more than the 3gb that 32 bit supports. That will you will already run better just from the free upgrade.

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jdktech20102396d ago

Yea but you lose out on the free expansion....I'll probably buy a physical copy and try to register it to Steam and Origin (anyone know if that could work?)

Charmers2396d ago

Some of a suspicious mind would come to the conclusion that is why EA are doing this. They keep the game off steam for as long as they can then bang after release they can release it on steam and charge for the DLC as well (which they are doing with the Kirkland DLC). But that is only if you have a suspicious mind.

As for registering your game, you will probably be able to register it via Origin. However you will not be able to register it as a steam game. Only games that use steam works can be registered with steam. You can of course add a short cut to Battlefield 3 so you can launch it from steam (but it isn't quite the same.

Dojan1232396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

EA is missing out on Pre-Orders which is good for its stock evaluation on Wall Street.

HAF9122396d ago

great news. will wait for steam release.

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