New Diablo 3 Battlenet Images & Features

Major new Diablo 3 information has been released including news of the real money auction house system, Battle.Net features and shots and more.

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BubbleSniper2420d ago

site crashed? not working for me.

Raf1k12420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Working for me.

edit: Yeah does seem to be a bit slow.

Kaizin5142420d ago

It's working, although quite slow, at least for me anyways.

Perjoss2420d ago

From those 2 screens you can see the game is just so well presented, very nice artwork everywhere.

No idea which class I'm going to play :D My curiosity does not let me stick to 1 class for very long, I'm always itching to see how the other classes play, specially in Bliz games.

OcularVision2420d ago

Site is slow... probably due to an influx of rabid Diablo fans like me?

Hassassin2420d ago

I guess Diablo 3 does have an inmense fan base... I can't see the site :(

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