Gamers Xtreme - Top 10 Super Nintendo Soundtracks

Gamers Xtreme: "Alright everyone, the most requested “Top 10” list is finally here. To many, the Super Nintendo is considered one of, if not, the best console ever made. Time to find out if your games made my list." Find out after the link!

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NLGSean2425d ago

Where is Castlavania 4 and Actraiser on that list?

HxCGamer2425d ago

i agree with castlevania 4 entirely but this needs to be included as well

Sickest track

ps3rulz2425d ago

Those are all awesome but where is corridors of time from chrono trigger? or any other soundtrack from that game.

CDbiggen2424d ago

I had to re-read the article thinking I'd missed it. Also, would've liked to have seen Earthbound on this list.

TheRichterBelmont2425d ago

No Castlevania and No Chrono Trigger = Failed list.

Gen0ne2425d ago

Ok. Super Metroid is there. Cool. But, I was hoping to see Contra: Alien Wars too. Oh well, 1 outta 2 ain't bad.

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