Is League of Legends truly a legend? - League of Legends Review by

Years ago, a company by the name of Blizzard came on the scene. They brought innovation to RTS games. They let players create their own maps and mods. This is was before Riot Games. Back then online gaming was still in it’s infancy. Fast forward to today and online gaming has become the norm.

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TXIDarkAvenger2546d ago

League of Legends is the best!

NuclearDuke2546d ago

League of Legends has taken a popular custom map and turned it into a casual "feel good" world that provides action packed gameplay for free.

There is however, boundaries. You are limited to 10 heroes per week, unless, you purchase heroes.

I don't see League of Legends as anything out of the ordinary, it's popularity will drastically fall now that Hereos of Newerth is Free to Play, with more available heroes per week and better balance - but also by the fact that DotA2 will come out in this Fall. DotA2 will crush it's opponents, simply put. Valve+Icefrog should make most DotA, LoL & HoN players wet.

Takoulya2546d ago

Dota 2's coming out in Q2 2012, actually because of a delay. Or at least that's what I've read.

Either way, I love LoL. It's not so much like Dota that I would leave it for Dota 2 once it comes out, but rather juggle between both.

Also, I've yet to try out HoN; I'll probably get on it, though.

NuclearDuke2546d ago

DOTA2 will be released in the Fall of 2011. If you didn't know, there is held a game conference, GamesCon in Germany in August which will host a tournament for pro DotA players. This means, that they are capable of hosting matches already. The beta will come shortly after GamesCon, one or two weeks after and that shouldn't last long as they have currently patched the game to match the version of the original DotA.

It's in its finalizing stages, expect it in Fall or early Winter 2011.

Takoulya2546d ago

Oh, that's great news, then! Thanks!