343 Industries Comments on Halo 4 Beta Rumor

Earlier today rumors began circulating that Halo: Anniversary will come packed with a beta of Halo 4. These rumors originated from website Gamekyo and started much speculation and discussion among Halo fans. However, despite all the discussion, the rumor can now be put to rest as 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor comments on the rumor.

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SITH2607d ago

I don't feel like getting this game even for a halo beta. I will pass on this one even though I never missed a halo beta before.

etowntwo2607d ago

I'm not that siked up for this game, especially with sooooooo many great games coming this holiday season.

The two things that are tempting me is the 4 player co op, and the price. (Which there will probably be better deals around launch)

But if they did include the beta, then Im sold.

Micro_Sony2607d ago

Well remakes are usually made for the true fans and dont think this game was meant to compete with the other great games that are coming out.

True Halo fans will buy it regardless of Gears of War or Skyrim.

I will pick up too being that I never played Halo CE but will wait to see if they trow in anymore free goodies.

thrasherv32607d ago

But the game only has 2 player co-op...

palaeomerus2607d ago

I'm a true Halo fan but I won't be buying anniversary this fall. Probably next SPRING I'll definitely buy it. But there's no point in getting anything but Skyrim this November because unless it stinks that's what I'll be playing probably until maybe February. Same goes for Saints Row III. I want it but it's not going to beat out an Elder Scrolls game for my attention. Neither will Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I'll have to have Torchlight 2(if it ever comes out this summer), Deus Ex: Human Revolution, 40K Space Marine, Rage, Gears of War 3, and Batman Arkham City all done and put away by late November. By the time I'm done with Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 will probably be out. THEN I'll probably go back and get stuff like Uncharted 3, Halo Anniversary, Saint's Row 3.

BubbleSniper2607d ago

eh... I was thinking Halo 4 would be the start of the trilogy on the next Xbox console... if they do Halo 5? it should be PC>neXtBox. If they meant what they said, MS; saying they are supporting PC gaming this will be the scenario to look for.

etowntwo2607d ago

Ok. So it seems for now, Halo 4 Beta will NOT come packed in Halo CE.
So if it doesn't come packed in with that game, which then? Cause I know MS will not miss that opportunity.

ATi_Elite2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

cause no one has an Xbox 720 to play it on yet although it will be released on the 360 as well.

Wait for E3 2012 to get the Beta info.......right after they announce Xbox 720 which is where the Halo 4 beta will be packed in with the Xbox 720 to boost sales within the first 30 days.

Boletarian2607d ago

That would good news. A lot of people are probably wondering whether H4 will be for 360 or the next Xbox. Considering what competing shooter titles are able to do now, with the likes of Killzone and Resistance and Battlefield 3, and even TPS shooters like Gears and UC, I'm kind of hoping that Halo 4 is being developed for the next Xbox. This isn't to say that I'm going to buy the next Xbox but I do like to see the game advance.

Better physics, better graphics, better AI, destruction, more players in a match, those kinds of improvements will be necessary for Halo to be an appealing game in the future.

Micro_Sony2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

I can see this being an Xbox 720 launch title but I think that it will be released on the 360 because of the trailer.

If MS were going to release this game on the 720 that would have shown one of those teaser trailer with Cortana saying wake up chief and the chief saying you miss me. The only way I can see Halo 4 being on the 720 is if what we saw was in game footage and not CGI.

RevXM2607d ago

Im not really looking much forward to H4 since its not being made by Bungie anymore, but by 343.
Only time will tell if its going to be a good game though, Ill keep myself posted to see what changes and stuff they will make.

Id really like it to be a launch game for the next xbox. Hopefully Microsoft will reveal next gen hardware soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.