Twitch TV allows people to make money as professional gamers launched a partner program in which people can stream games and make money from the ads serves. Those is like a minor league in the major league gaming scene.

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Peaceful_Jelly2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

but is not that easy. If you can't get at least 200 people to watch your channel in a daily basis then you can't qualify as a partner and beside, the amount of money you get from ads is so little is not even worth the time unless you do it for the fun.

With MLG, the fighting scene, the gazillion of Starcraft players and other sites like Destructoid, IGN and the GiantBomb now casting almost everyday there's no chance for a random guy to have the slightest chance of obtaining a partnership.

Lich1202546d ago

You may be partially right. But I still tune in whenever I can to watch PsyStarcraft play since hes my favorite player / caster. Hes not the greatest (damn better than me... found that out when he did a fan game with me) and is enjoyable to watch because he doesn't have to be politically correct with what he says.

That said, I think hes one of the better casters as far as entertainment goes, so just being a good player isn't going to get you very far.

mauleriscool2546d ago

", yet another game streaming site similar to and"

Twitchtv is just reskinned for gamers.

StarWolf2546d ago

does pay you?

Lich1202546d ago

Yeah, they make money off ads. (the streamers that is)