Are We Seeing The Demise of Nintendo?

An interesting opinion piece from Recon Entertainment's Philip about the recent 3DS price drop and what it reflects for the company.

"With the recent news of the Nintendo 3DS price drop and falling stock price, gaming tent pole Nintendo seems to be in a very precarious position. Nintendo, known for making devices that sell so well and fast that a meme was created showing the Nintendo DS printing money, are no longer looking like the beast of an unbeatable company."

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jony_dols2571d ago

Nintendo have suffered disappointing console sales before.

Hell the Gamecube barely broke 20 million lifetime sales, while the N64 sold just over 35 million. Thats 2 consoles in a row that didn't perform that great at retail....and then Nintendo came back with a combo of megasellers (Wii & DS).

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dkgshiz2570d ago

The original Xbox only sold 24 million units. It was nearly identical to Gamecube sales. It was considered a success.

longcat2570d ago

No, but we are seeing the demise of common sense if this article is any indicator

OpenGL2570d ago

@ dkgshiz

which is funny because the Gamecube was profitable from day 1 but the Xbox ended up losing Microsoft $4 billion.

BattleAxe2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

@ Superman

I agree with that analysis, especially the part about new IPs. Its amazing how long Nintendo has been able to cary on like they've been doing by selling Super Mario games as their main selling point as far as games go.

However, I'm not optimistic about the future of Nintendo. A 40% stock drop is a massive drop, and if there is nothing new to report over the next year, or anything appealing that people really are hungry for, then everyone needs to abandon the Hindenburg. What I think will happen is one of two things, either they will become a third party developer/publisher or if their stock drops enough, companies like Apple, Google or Microsoft could buy up the company.

Apple's apparently got over $65.8 Billion sitting there waiting to be used in any number of acquisitions...

The New York Times


If the stock goes low enough, even Sony could get involved:

Bloomberg: "Sony had the most cash, with $8.3 billion more in reserves"

"Imax Corp. (IMAX), the operator of large-screen movie theaters, and Netflix Inc. (NFLX), the Los Gatos, California-based mail-order and online movie-rental service, are two companies that Sony should consider acquiring"

"Sony has “a lot of cash on their balance sheet to put to work if they wanted to"

“They could do multiple deals and it could start becoming exciting for shareholders.”

TOSgamer2570d ago

@jony_dols Yeah they survived through the n64 and gamecube because of the gameboy color and gameboy advance. It will be very hard for Nintendo if at least one of their systems (home or handheld) doesn't do well during a 4 or 5 year stretch. Unlike Sony and MS they really don't make or produce anything else besides games and consoles. I'm not counting Nintendo out but I'm pretty sure they are going to have some rough times ahead.

miyamoto2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Those scenario did not see the end of Nintendo simply because the Gameboy handheld department had no competition and saved the home console department & Nintendo in general.
The Wii was the home consoles last straw and a lucky one at that. it was the right price at the right time.
Now the timing can't get any worse. Wii and DS sales on the rapid decline, Wii U reception is negative, stock market value plunges down, 3DS flagship price cut by $80, revenue & profit forecasts cut by a whopping 80%... Who or what is going to save Nintendo now?

Stealth2k2570d ago

doom and gloom with not one single fact in any of your posts

Etseix2570d ago

damn, Nintendo is getting all the flamebait articles this time instead of Sony o__O good for Sony.. but sucks for Nintendo,

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EYEamNUMBER12571d ago

short and simple answer NO
nintendo have actually been off worse before

according to people and the net nintendo has been doomed since the SNES and im not even kidding on that

Bigpappy2570d ago

Ask the question again after the holidays. I will have a better answer. My crystal ball is still broken, and the geanie is taking the carpet for a spin.

badz1492570d ago

get out of here! why would we?

tplarkin72570d ago

Nintendo handhelds have kept them in business. Without the GBA and DS, Nintendo would have folded after the Gamecube. The Wii-U can fail, but the 3DS can't.

Keith Olbermann2570d ago

Not a demise but a decline. Nintendo has too many exclusive properties to die. I hope this puts Nintendo in another direction like..making original stuff and not rehashing the same thing.

subtenko2570d ago

Of course its a possibility. Did anyone think the Dreamcast was gonna go out when they bought one...NO, are people happy they still bought one? Yes, they got to play some games, are some pissed off about it tho? yes...

Nintendo does have they're own style, and they've been in gaming for a long time, even both WiiU and the 3Ds does horrible enough to be discontinued,they'll still make another console and start over.. ITS FREAKING NINTENDO! B-)

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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WhiteLightning2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Really depends on the response of the Wii U when it comes out. If it's bad THEN Nintendo are in trouble

It's funny how you never hear both sides of Nintendo news when you read a magazine or a site you expect to hear about all Nintendo news whether it's good or bad. I was reading my ONM magazine recently and it never talks about this kind of stuff, the mixed response of the Wii U, the 3DS sales, lack of Wii games this's like Nintendo are perfect to them. I mean I know it's an Nintendo magazine but come on you can't hide all the bad stuff.

Dart892571d ago

It's just a way of business.

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