Upcoming eShop and digital distribution plans show Nintendo’s willingness to help third parties

Satoru Iwata’s recent announcement that Nintendo are pushing for a better digital distribution service on Wii U and 3DS – beginning with paid DLC content via eShop to be made available by the end of this year – is really good news, and certainly shows us that Nintendo’s really making the right steps to put 3DS back on track as soon as possible. Find out why here.

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Rashonality2576d ago

yaaay handheld DLCs, now in order to "Catch'em all" you have to buy the new DLC.

Canary2576d ago

3rd party support for the eShop should be the smallest of Nintendo's 3rd party concerns.

Their chief problem lies with convincing 3rd party developers and publishers to put games on the 3DS, in spite of the low sales, increasingly negative publicity, and higher development costs.

The price drop may go a ways toward motivating publishers to fund 3DS games, but the biggest hurdle is still there--higher development costs. Nintendo could easily fix that problem by A) not requiring that every 3DS game have 3D support, and B) creating basic "toolkits" to help developers make basic games, and learn how to get things done, quickly and cheaply.

As it stands now, there's very little incentive for 3rd parties to develop 3DS games, and unless Nintendo does something to change that, the situation will not improve and the console will stagnate. Remember, the key reason for the overwhelming success of the DS was massive 3rd party support, due in large part to the ease and expense with which games could be created.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has a habit of ignoring 3rd parties entirely, which could very well prove the doom of 3DS.

Rrobba2576d ago

Nintendo actually seems to care about third-parties with Wii U and 3DS. This is great to see.

charmer2576d ago

there is no doubt...wiiu will have strong third party support....nintendo is reaching out in all ways