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Gametrailers.com Super Mario Galaxy Review: 9.8

Mario finally weighs in on the Wii. Is it out of this world? (Super Mario Galaxy, Wii) 9.8/10

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DeckUKold  +   2855d ago
This game
Is getting some serious love smash bros better get a ten since it's better than mario galaxy
Brian5247  +   2855d ago
And you know this
DeckUKold  +   2855d ago
I LOVE EM BOTH BUT brawl gets me really really really hyped like roger rabbit drinking beer
cooke15  +   2855d ago
Holy crap. GOTY? If this was a R&C review it would be at 400 degrees by now.
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kooplar  +   2855d ago
if this was about a MS game sony fanboys would also be here. Nintendo is the one that doesnt really get bashed or praised, but this is making me want a wii along with smash bros.
forum_crawler  +   2855d ago
I think you are right...
But the thing is that Nintendo fans seem to be more balanced and have better things to think about than calling those who don't own the same console names.

SMG is really getting some love left and right. I hope it is as good as I think it is going to be...
TheSadTruth  +   2855d ago
I hate to state the obvious.. but most Wii owners are CASUAL gamers (as of now) and do not post on video game websites.
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2855d ago
Or how about they are more mature then the X-box and Playstation fans?
TheSadTruth  +   2855d ago
is that a joke? Nintendo caters mostly to little kids... as in kids who are too young to even post on message boards
ItsDubC  +   2855d ago
I actually think that's a misconception. If Nintendo catered to little kids, why wouldn't all the Wii commercials have kids in them and be aired on the Cartoon Network?

There's a difference between being "for kids" and being "kid-friendly". Nintendo's philosophy has always been to create games that can be enjoyed by ppl of all ages.
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Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2851d ago
Not to mention the people who grew up with them back in the 80's.
Shaka2K6  +   2855d ago
Meh... expected from gametrailers..
I wish the game was half as good all the nostalgic people who review it hype it to be.
Ratchet & Clank is better and it looks 100 times hotter which makes it more fun.
cooke15  +   2855d ago
looks can be deceiving.
TruthbeTold  +   2855d ago
If you actually watched the review...
If you actually watched the review (And others), rather than pretending to know all about what was said, you'd know that they explained exactly why this game exceeds simple nostalgia, and hype, as well as how it has taken Mario and platform gaming to the next level. But you'd rather just hate apparently. While Ratchet and Clank appears much smoother of course in HD, the graphic quality between the two really isn't astronomical. And this game, being hailed as best platformer ever, apparently kills Ratchet and Clank in the gameplay dept. I feel like Sam I am here.

Me: "You could have great fun like me. Try it, try it! You will see!"

Shaka: "I won't try Mario Galaxy, I'd rather play my PS3! Ratchet and Clank's the game for me. I will not touch Nintendo Wii!"

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Prismo_Fillusion  +   2855d ago
The difference between the games is that Mario Galaxy has yet to receive a score below 90 (and only ONE below 95), while R&C has averaged a score below 90 (metacritic it).

That's only meant for Shaka to read, because he cares about this "rivalry" so much. For all other Sony fans:
R&C is an awesome game, probably on par with Mario Galaxy. I wish I had a chance to play it, and probably will in the upcoming months.
forum_crawler  +   2855d ago
I remember when Crash Bandicut...
was to be the next all and all of platformers on the PS1...
Last time I checked he is playing on the wii now...

Just admit it, Mario is a powerhouse that cannot be denied. Pretty graphics are not enough to call R&C better.
jackdoe  +   2855d ago
I'm waiting for the HD video.
vilmer  +   2855d ago
Looks like Mario will never leave in peace!
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daveman3  +   2855d ago
pretty cool, idk why but it took me like 30 minutes to load this video
Whoooop  +   2855d ago
Herpes again??? I mean Mario???
Spartacus  +   2855d ago
It's Mario 128! The true successor to Super Mario 64 has finally arrived!
solar  +   2855d ago
call me whatever you want....
the game play will far out weigh the Wii's under achieving hardware. yes its mario, yes he is nostalgic, but you know what? Nintendo still makes god damn great games using this spaghetti eating grease ball. he puts a smile on my face and a lil' joy in this dood's life. i cant wait :D
Maestro  +   2855d ago
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Haters am cry. LOL
Shaka2K6  +   2855d ago
I'm waiting for the HD video.
last gen. cube dont do Hd for shame, maybe its a good game by last gen. standars though.

6.5/10 at max.
forum_crawler  +   2855d ago
Isn't that what R&C got?
Sorry but Mario Owns...
john_doe  +   2855d ago
Last gen?? show me one GC game that looked like that please...
unsunghero28  +   2854d ago
Shaka, go to hell.
For you, a game isn't good unless Sony says it is.
jackdoe  +   2855d ago
This game is incredibly pretty and it is doing things that I didn't know the Wii was capable of doing. Shows what a dedicated developer can do on the Wii. Shame that a lot of wii games are quick cash ins and that probably isn't gonna change for a while. Though, imagine what Nintendo can do on HD hardware...
Shaka2K6  +   2855d ago
This game is incredibly pretty .
Shadow Man  +   2855d ago
Marona  +   2855d ago
Anyone noticed the overall score is wrong? :|

Story 7.5
Design 9.5
Gameplay 10
Presentation 9.8
Total: 36.8/40
Overall: 9.2

Someone explain?
ItsDubC  +   2855d ago
The only explanation I can give is that perhaps Gametrailers, like some other publications, do not simply add the categorical scores to arrive at the total.

For example, in IGN's review of the new Fire Emblem, it got:
Presentation 4.0
Graphics 6.0
Sound 7.5
Gameplay 8.0
Lasting Appeal 8.0

and yet the total score was an 8.0 instead of 6.7.
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Kuest  +   2855d ago
disagree w/ GT's story rating. Mario isn't about shifting plot lines and government conspiracies- its about one (short) man's adventure against evil. Simple? Yes. Epic? Oh, yeah. I think the reviewer failed to recognize that the beauty of Mario lies in how it incorporates a timeless story into amazing gameplay. You really have to ask yourself, how complex do you want mario to get? Should Nintendo start including political coruption, koopa economics, or perhaps false enemies (Browser is actually a good guy?)

Without a doubt, Mario is perfect the way he is. The direction is simple, yet stretched across a grand scale that literally swallows the imagination of Bioware, Gears... hell, even Mass Effect. I have never regarded my Wii as fondly as I do now. Honestly, if some dude we're to steal it... I'd chase him across the galaxy. and then some.


Dubc- lol! Yeah, that too.

Mr. Roof- "It's not just an epic story, its a story we crave!"- You bastard... now I must give you bubbles! Oh, how I bleed out feedback!
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ItsDubC  +   2855d ago
Maybe Gametrailers would've given it a 10 for story if Princess Peach turned out to be a man.
Rooftrellen  +   2855d ago
"perhaps false enemies (Browser is actually a good guy?)"

Mario RPG is legendary!

Anyway, I agree, Mario is about the simple story of one man against the world. Mario is trying to save the princess, and the evil King Bowser has most of the rest of the creatures in the world under his control.

It's not just an epic story, its a story we crave! On the most basic level, how many shows, movies, games, books, anything...how many come down to one good guy against the army of evil.

It's like Itchy and Scratchy (for the Simpsons fans out there), in that is it what a great many stories are, stripped down to the lowest level, and given to us. That complexity is nice, sometimes, but, dang, sometimes I just want to have my little, simple epic story. Somtimes, all I need is my hero and my evil army, and not an explination of why there are only three humans in the world.
DeckUKold  +   2855d ago
Kuest that last line
"Honestly, if some dude we're to steal it... I'd chase him across the galaxy. and then some." OR i can get another wii for $250 and waste my time for an idiot who ran away with a cheap console
Kuest  +   2855d ago
No, that criminal
deserves to be punished.

Just think... what would mario do?
ItsDubC  +   2855d ago
Even if $100 bills were spilling out of my boxers, I would still go after some dude who stole my Wii. Especially w/ the impending Mario Galaxy release. That kind of crime is simply inexcusable.

It'd be like Bowser stealing Princess Peach away from Mario right before a hot date. Wait, maybe not quite like that.
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forum_crawler  +   2855d ago
Or if she had the physique, cleavage and shaky breasts like the girls in Soul Calibur...
DeckUKold  +   2851d ago
What would mario do?(imagination)
yea you right i would go KICK HIZ AZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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