Metro: Last Light to look amazing with "modest specs" on PC - AusGamers

In an interview with AusGamers, THQ's Huw Beynon explained that the recent E3 demo videos that have been released for Metro: Last Light were PC code, which was running off "pretty modest" specs on the desktop platform.

He also pointed out that they'd definitely detail just how they've squeezed so much out of the PC, visually, closer to launch.

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DA_SHREDDER2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Metro was one of the best story driven games I've ever played in my life. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one. On console of course. :)

newn4gguy2613d ago

Lol. Good point. The thing PC won't run it on full; forget about DX11. I have a pretty nice PC too. I'll probably buy the sequel on PS3, if it actually DOES come out for it. I just have more invested in trophies than Steam achievements.

Hisiru2613d ago

I want the trophies, so I will go with the ps3 version.

Pandamobile2613d ago

I want the good version, so I'll go with the PC version

newn4gguy2613d ago

I don't have that option. I just TOLD you that. If I get the PC version, it will only look as good as the PS3 version anyway, due to my PC being a piece of crap.

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Organization XII2613d ago

yeah, but it looked unbelievable on a decent PC. Still the sequel has potential to surpass he first game.

Doc-Holliday2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

The first one really blew me away visually, and was one of my favorite games from last year.

I'm curious what kind of visual improvements we will see with last light. No doubt it will look better but I think they will be pretty minor. Not much to improve on from 2033.

Da_shredder, i'm sorry to hear that. I truly am.

ThanatosDMC2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I hope my gt683r MSI laptop can run this one especially since I could play the first Metro just fine on it. It has i7-2630qm, gtx 560m 1.5gb, and 12gb ddr3 ram.

ReservoirDog3162613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Haha, yeah I finally played it (woo 2 months of gamefly!) and it was pretty good. The shooting (and stealth) was really very flawed throughout but the atmosphere made up for all of it. Felt like a video game version of the movie Children of Men except Children of Men was just about perfect (if you love Metro, see that movie!)

Hopefully they clear up the gameplay and this could be a very good sequel.

edit: Haha, on consoles for me too...

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newn4gguy2613d ago

This is still, as far as I've tested, the most demanding game ever made. Seriously. It's freaking INSANE!

StayStatic2613d ago

Poorly optimized to say the least , DX11 is lackluster at a high frame cost as far as the last one goes.

ThanatosDMC2613d ago

Yup, poorly optimized but not as bad as Magicka.

Doc-Holliday2613d ago

Some people are just so unbelievable. Ignorant comments like this drive me crazy. how come whenever an amazing looking new game gets released it is "poorly optimized"? Of course it is going to stress your system to the max and drop your frames because it LOOKS PHENOMENAL and you can't be expected to run it at max settings with mid-range hardware. Use your brain.

People cried that crysis was unoptimized because they couldn't max it but the truth is the hardware just wasn't good enough. it wasn't the game. same with metro 2033. it is definately not poorly optimized, the only thing poorly optimized is the systems of people crying that they can't max it.

StayStatic2613d ago


I did use my brain , researched it at plenty of locations on the web, i suggest you do the same before spouting nonsense.

But if you wish to remain ignorant to poor optimization on the DX11 part then go ahead, Ive heard better from more valid sources than you.

Also I'm not running mid range lol, it doesn't look that "PHENOMENAL" at all , few shiny lights from DX11 big deal , ill take the extra frames with this title.

Doc-Holliday2613d ago


you have much to learn my young staystatic.

clearly you know absolutely nothing about dx11 so i'll do you a favor:

give this a read and educate yourself.

pay attention to the parts where it explains how dx11 actually improves performance of games while providing better eye candy at the same time due to improved use of multiple cores and tesselators. i won't go into detail but its all there for you to read.

i ran metro fully maxed at 1080p dx11 with a solid 60 fps. not poorly optimized for me....

and you must be on drugs to think that metro 2033 doesn't look phenomenal. there is currently no better looking game out there. its dx11 features are much more than "a few shiny lights".

you know what? i don't even know why I bother responding to ignorant fools like you. complete waste of time. i hope you don't hurt yourself trying to understand the article I provided.

I'm your huckleberry

StayStatic2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

That says nothing about metro's DX 11 optimization just DX 11 tech but thanks anyways.

Here let me Google that for you:

Have a nice day !

iamgoatman2613d ago


What kind of hardware are you running to get 60FPS in DX11 in Metro? Even with a 580GTX you'll see some pretty low min frames.

Although DX11 has the potential to increase performance whilst improving image quality at the same time we have yet to see it. Even with the latest hardware you'll still see hefty performance hit depending on the game running under DX11.

Metro 2033 is one of the worst offenders when it comes to substantial performance loss with minimal graphics increase. Take a look at some screenshot comparisons between DX11 and DX9/10 and the difference is negligible, very slightly better lighting in some areas with small amounts of tessellation used here and there. The performance difference on the other hand is huge, on my rig if I turn off DX11 I essentially triple my FPS.

It's pretty common knowledge that Metro 2033 is poorly optimized when it comes to DX11, under DX9/10 the performance is actually pretty good for the graphics on show, but if you switch on Advance DOF along with tesselation be prepared to say goodbye to your frames.

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gravemaker2613d ago

Played original maxed with dx11, great game. Graphics are super nice. Can't wait.
It's pretty unoptimized, but turn off DoF and change resolution to 720p and on top pc you will get average 60 fps, sometimes even 180.

Silly Mammo2613d ago

I really enjoyed the first one! Thought the atmosphere of the game was great.

Modestmex2613d ago

Hell yeah son im gonna get this game on PC even though my video cards are 3 years old..

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