Are Nintendo over-reacting to its share price falling?

Following Wii U's R&D costs, 3DS's recent performance and falling Wii and DS sales, Nintendo were bound to have poorer than expected financial results.

But have they overreacted to this - or was this the right decision? Find out here.

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nopunctuation2573d ago

Nintendo expected to sell 4 million 3DSs and they only sold 3.6 million. How spoiled they have become after the wii that they think that means price drop.

disgaeapuchi2573d ago

They probably priced the 3DS too high to begin with and overestimated demand - likely due to how Wii was priced too low (the system was going on ebay for silly amounts of money when it launched to low supply). Had they launched in 2010 with less supply (but likely higher demand due to the buying season in winter) things might have been better, as they delayed the 3DS until 2011 to manufacture 4 million of them.

Jamaicangmr2573d ago

I get what you're saying but they over charged for the Wii out the game. Thats why they bragged that they will be making a profit on every Wii sold since day one.

nopunctuation2573d ago

"Wii was priced too low"

That calculator was not even worth half what they were charging. Still isnt.

BubbleSniper2573d ago

well, they got my money, lol. I haven't used it at all. Just opened it. I'm in no real hurry to sell it though.

i think the Wii and DS success have given them a big head tbh.

they need to eat some humble pie and give their fans what they want. they're shitting on their fans left and right... not like they haven't before... taking down websites, having their lawyers push cease and desist orders regarding people creating games based on their characters, etc...

I don't know where they stand any more..

jacksonmichael2573d ago

Well... They certainly don't stand in North America...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32572d ago

But look at how the world treated the Gamecube. I don't blame Nintendo for any moves they make. They are a business which means they have to keep the lights on. One day you little kids will understand that.

ForROME2573d ago

They have been over reacting since the Wii started to show decline, the 3DS was an over reaction in my book, over priced under delivered.

Shok2573d ago

I think a lot of us gamers are over-reacting. People take the 3DS not selling up to their expectations as it not selling AT ALL, when in-fact, Nintendo just has high standards when it comes to sales thanks to the DS and Wii.

In-matter-of-fact, I think the 3DS is selling faster than the DS did if you match the months up.

Nintendo's worse is sometimes still better than Sony/Microsoft's best. (Sales)

BubbleSniper2573d ago

i agree that people are overreacting, but come on...

let's take N4G for an example.. most people here, including me, expected them to sell out and be on backorder... i mean I only barely noticed that they refused to change the name to give the "3DS" it's own identity.

many people think it's just another DS... the same casuals fueling Nintendos power sales figures are slow to react to their newest hardware.

Canary2573d ago

We're not overreacting at all.

Over the while, Nintendo has betrayed core gamers--the very demographic that kept them in business for more than two decades--time and time again.

In the past few months alone, they've gotten even worse. I assume you've heard the expression about burning bridges? Right now Nintendo may be has the absolute lowest reputation of the big three, and that's saying one helluva lot. The consumers that Nintendo has rejected are finally beginning to reject Nintendo (all but the most die-hard fanboys).

Nintendo has literally dug it's own grave. It's silly to try and defend the many legitimate criticisms as people just "overreacting."

Redgehammer2573d ago

I honestly feel the importance of the so-called core gamer has diminished with the rise in the social acceptability of gaming. Sure we are the loudest most enthusiastic group in the gaming demographic, but what percentage of the gaming public are we. And, what are the prerequisites to be in the "core" gamer metric.
If there are 87 million Wiis sold, how many of those belong to core gamers? Out of the 55 million 360's sold, how many of those are for the core fan? I don't have an answer, but I do postulate that very question every time I see the words "core gamer". I think we are important, but we are not the driving force we once were, but I feel that is the evolution of our shared passion. Maybe our receding importance is a requirement for gaming to be as popular as it has become, or maybe we were never as important as we thought we should be?

Anecdotally speaking, I graduated from high school 24 years ago, and back then it was a very small nucleus of people that gamed, and if you did you fell into the nerd/geek column, and trust me that did not mean what it does now. I am happy to see the gaming industry become what it has, and am enthralled to think about what gaming will be like in 9 years when I am 50. As long as there are games that are fun, engaging, exciting, challenging, I will never feel abandoned; because, I am a core gamer, and will game until I have used up every bit of dopamine, and my myelin sheaths have turned to dust.

Dwalls11712573d ago

No if their not careful they will fall out of the console race

thehitman2573d ago

Nintendo just doesnt like the PSVita waving at them thats all.

Perjoss2573d ago

I don't think the 3DS and Vita are aiming for the same audience. It's that same story as the Wii compared to 360 and PS3. Casual vs core.

thehitman2573d ago

Regardless of what audience they are aiming for they sure as hell dont like how Sony priced their vita with how amazing the features the vita brings gfx games support from EVERYONE. If sony said the vita was going to be at like 350-400 Nintendo wouldnt have bothered with a price drop and they wouldve sipped some ice tea on their palm beaches.

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