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Fast Draw Showdown is a live-action game that was originally released on laserdisc back in 1994. Early this year, Digital Leisure brought the game to the WiiWare, and now they have decided to bring PS3 users the title with PlayStation Move support. The game is currently available on the PlayStation Store, and it is worth noting that you must own a PlayStation Move controller to be able to play this game. But is it worth owning the game if you have a PlayStation Move?

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maniacmayhem2488d ago

I remember this game...ugh...i wish i didnt remember this game.

Bigpappy2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

There was a game like this in the arcades, but they used a light gun. It is to simple to worth buying. They should include it with other mini game like "Monkey see monkey do".

SaiyanFury2488d ago

I tried the game, as I remember American McGee games back in the 90s. My problem is with the game not tracking my Move controller well at all. I go left, the cursor goes right. I go up, it goes down. And that's if the game decides to see the controller at all. Most of the time, it can't see anything. My Move works with every other one of my games, but this one doesn't.