'No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise' Does Not Support Sixaxis Controllers

A handful of gamers are beginning to discover through the demo for the PS3 port of 'No More Heroes' that the title only supports the PS Move and Dualshock 3 controllers. When the game is attempted to be played with only a Sixaxis, the game refuses to detect the controller, rendering the game unplayable to a number of people. Apparently this issue was present in the recent European demo as well, which also supported Move. Nothing has been announced as to whether or not this issue will be fixed or patched.

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Godmars2902485d ago

Kind of had some issues during the tutorial with the shaking, but that was it.

Okay game I'll eventually get.

Abash2485d ago

While I do think it's nonsense for this game not to support Sixaxis controllers, why would anybody still use them when the DualShock 3 has been available for years? It makes the Sixaxis feel like a cheap toy

Ravenor2485d ago

Yeah, really don't see this as an issue. I'm one of a few PS3 owners I personally know who even have a Sixaxis.

Sprud2485d ago

Lighter is somehow bad?

tplarkin72485d ago

The Sixaxis was a part of the original SDK. They should be supported for the life of the console.

Nate-Dog2485d ago

In fairness controllers are expensive (or at least they are here, same price as brand new games, in fact they're more expensive in some cases) but I do get your point.

UltimateIdiot9112485d ago

Well, I still have an sixaxis lying around which I occasionally use just because it's fully charged or whatever.

mastiffchild2485d ago

I like the Sixaxis better, tbh, than the DS3 as it's a lot lighter. Just preference but I'd give up the rumble for the weight in a lot of games and where the rumble adds little I'd always go Sixaxis given the choice.

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dericb112485d ago


If your talking about the recharging the beam saber I had the same issue with shaking but figured it out. Just like the Wiimote you have to point the Move straight up or vertical. Once you do recharging is not problem.

subtenko2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

how hard is it to support a controller. This is like the only game I've heard giving an issue to those with a certain controller. Its nonsense.

P.S. for the comments below. It would be NICE to have the OPTION to do 1:1 precision with this game. How come everyone cant be happy with the option to chose to play a gave how they want to?

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

HeavenlySnipes2485d ago

I expected it to be like Sports Champions, taking advantage of the moves 1:1 precision. Instead, they make some stupid hold your hand up and press the Move button to attack BS.

Buuhan12485d ago

It's not BS, it's BEST. That's exactly the same control scheme it had on the Wii, and it was awesome. I'm actually planning to get a Move just so I can play this version with the exact same controls.

You can frail your arms around and get tired all you want elsewhere.

Buuhan12485d ago

Who only has a Sixaxis at this point in time? It only came with early PS3s, and those early buyers who spent half a grand on it honestly haven't put out a little change to get a DS3 yet? Even people who bought early PS3's at a later date to get PS2-compatibility should have bought a DS3 by now.

Pedobear Rocks2485d ago

I prefer the isn't a matter of affordability. And since I DID put out half a grand I'd like my freaking controller to work on any damned game I want.

Buuhan12485d ago

What about it do you like so much? Do you just not like rumble?

Pedobear Rocks2485d ago I like the weight...and i don't want to buy a DS3 and remove the motors...its a shame they are hard to find since one of my sticks won't center anymore (though I'm used to it no one else can play with it)

InTheLab2485d ago

The Sixaxis is horrible anyway but it's ridiculous that the the game does not support it.

Anyway...go out and buy a Dualshock or Move if you're interested.

SageHonor2485d ago

I still had fun using the controller... I am going to get this when it comes out

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