Can Final Fantasy XIII-2 OutPerform It’s Predecessor?

In the franchise’s long history there has been only one direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game. That game was Final Fantasy X-2. That’s all going to change later this year when Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases in Japan but unlike Final Fantasy X-2, FFXIII-2 is a sequel to a game that many fans considered a disappointment.

Will the sequel of one of the most widely criticized games of this gen do better in terms of sales?

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thugbob2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

In terms of quality, outperforming Final Fantasy 13 isn't much of an accomplishment.

In terms of sales I expect FF 13-2 to have lower week one sales than 13. Sales will go up if everyone thinks the game is great (doubt it) or sales will just decrease slowly until the game is irrelevant if everyone thinks the game is no better than FF 13.

I think people who are expecting this game to redeem SE will be disappointed. 13-2 is really for those that enjoyed 13 and those that didn't like the linearity. If there were other things that you didn't like such as the battle system 13-2 isn't looking too good for you.

DA_SHREDDER2546d ago

Yeah besides having a crappy combat system, FF13 just felt disconnected from the FF universe. In short, it just didn't feel like a FF game. It felt like a FF clone that failed to capture the soul of the series. FF always had good stories, (FF1 through X anyways), I think since the merging of the companies they just have the wrong people working on the game. Sure FF 13 was gorgeous, but every FF before didn't need gorgeous graphics to compete in the gaming market. FFX's story was so complete and beautiful that the graphics didn't even matter.

They way I feel about FF now is the characters suck, the combat sucks, the story sucks, everything but the graphics sucked in FF13. You don't have to agree with me people, but I've been playin FF since I was a child, back in the NES days, and I've never played a FF that I couldn't finish until Square and Enix merged.

WhiteLightning2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

"I think people who are expecting this game to redeem SE will be disappointed. 13-2 is really for those that enjoyed 13 and those that didn't like the linearity. If there were other things that you didn't like such as the battle system 13-2 isn't looking too good for you."


The problem is people think Square will "redeem" themselfs and correct past mistakes with the sequel but why waste money and time making these improvments when the only ones more likley to buy it are the ones who purchased FF13. All this talk about Square improving things is BS, it's just to get people interested and trick them into giving them "one more chance". Why "redeem" your self with a sequel to the worst FF to date which only FF13 lovers will buy and maybe a few guliable people who believe the lies when you could make FF15 and set the wrongs right in that game so everyone will give it a chance. I still think FF13 Versus should become FF15

Sorry but I'm not falling for it this time. Basicaly FF13-2 was made because ff14 did crap, they have left over content and they know it will sell abit if they keep BS us.

dc12546d ago

However, that has all changed and unfortunately, you have to play the first 12-15 hour before you begin to experience the quality of the game; this is the principle flaw with FF13.

The Combat system opens up between 15-20 hours of initial game play. The Game because a Combat/Accessory/Role Playing juggernaut after 40 hours in.
FF13 truly shines in its ‘post game’ game play where players can dive into missions “CP and Gil” grinding as well as weapons and accessory upgrading.
For the life of me, I can’t understand why Squire Enix didn’t introduce these game elements earlier in the story arc. (I'm 100+ hours in)

They (SE)could have saved them self a lot of grief.

thugbob2546d ago

I have beaten FF 13 so my opinion about the battle system isn't out of ignorance...

I'm liking how FF vs 13's battle system looks. It looks like an improvement over FF 12's battle system (which I liked) which FF 13 should have done instead of coming up with a new trashy system...

Elda2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

@ dc1,Nice to know you gave the game a chance & now you're enjoying it.

squallheart2546d ago

No since everyone will know what they are getting.

iamtehpwn2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Sales wise? No. Too much damage was done there.
Gameplay wise? Maybe. We have a lot to see before we can say, but so far so good. I Actually liked FFXIII's combat system, but maybe that's because I was one of the few people who didn't just hit auto battle.

I didn't level grind a single time in the game, and I 5 star'd both Barthandelus and Cid Raines on my first attempts. I found the battle system very engaging.

If you're a newb and suck at the game, yeah, you can just autobattle and paradigm shift (which is a lot of people complained the boss fights were too hard). If you get into the depth (which is sadly optional) then the battle system is a lot better.

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Bigpappy2546d ago

I think they are refering to sale. The short answer to that is: Hell No! People who wanted it already bought it, and I don't thing they want to play through the same story by having to buy the upgraded game all over again when there are other great games coming down the pike. Developers rarely get a chance ro redeem themselves. The gaming community isn't very patiant with game, an are always looking for what's next. It will have to be dirt cheap to even get close.

Hicken2546d ago

It's not even the same game, but a continuation...

Peaceful_Jelly2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

I knows lots of people that bought FFXIII and these same people aren't planning on buying the sequel, most of them didn't even finished the first game to begin with. Lower sales for the sequel is more or less a given.

Hicken2546d ago

If the question is of sales, that's up in the air.

If it's in execution, then I think enough problems have been addressed that that should be an obvious yes.

Of course, "everyone" hates XIII, so they hate its sequel by default, because, you know, sequels are always bad.

Godmars2902546d ago

At least in terms of sales. Think at this point that's the only thing that's going to get through to Square that they need to inject some quality effort and creatively - logical creatively - back into their games. Put some there in the first place.

Though such is likely far too late.

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