Kane & Lynch - Multiplayer Hands On

x360a recently got their hands on the much hyped Fragile Alliance that will be the main multiplayer feature of the upcoming Eidos Kane & Lynch title.

See what the guys think as they were thrusted in to the world of "loyalty and betrayal", where there can theoretically be only one winner...

"Play it like a soldier and you'll lose. Play it like a criminal and you'll win."

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Skerj4059d ago

Hahaha I wonder if people are going to get their feelings hurt when the betrayals break out. This is going to be dynamic and awesome, sounds way better than standard deathmatch and capture the flag. Things could get heated over the voicechat, I SO CAN'T WAIT.

ThichQuangDuck4058d ago

The video has some of the crappiest music and not fitting the game at all and is kind of low quality since I have seen the trailer in better quality. I think i will just get this game for Christmas