Rumor - Was Catherine To Be Released on PC?

VG Resource writes, "Catherine was recently released in the US, and at this time I took it upon myself to examine the contents of the disc. I imported the game since I was eager to have a go, and I found it to be remarkably fun, so I thought that it might be cool to see if there was anything on the disc that may have been left behind…"

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fluffydelusions2544d ago

Well games are created on PC...

TheIneffableBob2544d ago

But you usually don't make art assets for a platform you don't intend on releasing the game for.

frjoethesecond2544d ago

I'd say it'll come out on PC later. That way people who have consoles will buy it instead of pirating it on PC. When the console sales dry up the PC version will at leas sell some copies. Piracy can screw over a lot of niche games on the PC.

Voxelman2544d ago

@ frjoethesecond

Yup that's why games like Frozen Synapse, Amnisia, Terreria, Minecraft, Super Meat Boy, Reccetear, Cthulhu saves the world, Magicka and tones more do so damn well on PC in many cases outselling their console releases by huge margins because Piracy screws over niche releases on PC...

Oh wait PC is the best platform around for niche games and indie devs are hugely popular unlike on consoles.

JEW_UNIT2544d ago

So, they're going to have to get a third Catherine in the game so the PC could a different cover as well :P.

frjoethesecond2544d ago

Yes! A new PC exclusive character called Katherine Mac Catherine!

Vincent meets her in a strip club and can choose to pay her for dances. If he does this then his nightmares get worse.

JohnApocalypse2544d ago

It is a Japanese game so don't be shocked if Atlus says it won't be

zu4G2544d ago

please dont..
if this happens i goin to sell my copy..
i hate this game to be just played by thousands of piracy loving PC gamers out there!!

zu4G2544d ago

are mad?
you go to hell instead, if youre a piracy PC gamer

frjoethesecond2544d ago

What does your comment even mean?

Voxelman2544d ago

you better sell your copy now those thousands of xbox pirates are already stealing the game!

xzovic2543d ago

maybe hes a ps3 fanboy who dont wanna share the game multiplatform..

Voxelman2543d ago

But it's already on Xbox that doesn't make sense. More likely he is just selfish and mean spirited so he want's as few people as possible to enjoy the game.