New Batman: Arkham City screenshots

Check out some new screenshots of Batman: Arkham City, including a couple of new Catwoman images.

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LtSkittles2542d ago

yep, apparently they team up in some of the side missions to help get rid of the venom.

Brownghost2542d ago

i know double team i was expecting a mission where you fight bane with the bat armor suit

flipmop442542d ago

I seriously can't wait to play this

crazyjackal2542d ago

Is there a graphical glitch in image 4:
Where is the red glass on her mask as seen in image 2:

PS360PCROCKS2542d ago

seriously how is this UE!? they do a fantastic job (outside of plasticy faces) of making it original.

omi25p2542d ago

the unreal engine still looks great, Just look at mass effect 3, gears of war 3 and bioshock infinite

PS360PCROCKS2541d ago

I've never complained that UE looked bad, i'm not that gamer. it's just I'd never guess they used that engine from these screens. But true ME and Bioshock shine on it also

Arnon2541d ago

The Unreal Engine 3 is actually one of the most versatile engines ever created.

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