BRiTT Happenz: Why Carmine Keeps Dying

GameNTrain: Unless your a mountain man with your bushy beard and deer skin sweater vest, you all know about how the poor ol’ Carmine brothers have met their doom in the Gears of War series. I came across a video this morning that may help explain why…Not really, but it’s funny.

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Shackdaddy8362492d ago

Lol. I'm actually hoping the last one doesn't die. Mostly cus he looks badass...

NAGNEWS2492d ago

i wonder all the time why henchmen always dies at the beginning of a movie :)

sometimes i like them

theonlylolking2492d ago

That is because he does not yell, LOCUST!!!!! When ever a locust appears.

PS360PCROCKS2492d ago

Haha that poor momma. First game was too obvious he was about to die. If the writing wasn't so god awful they could have made you feel more emotionally attached and feel sad.

Winkle922492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Well the first game Carmine was barely a character. He pretty much had one scene- the scene where he gets instantly sniped in the head. Soooo... Emotional attachment wasn't even an issue. It became such a joke that in Gears 2 Carmine's bro was killed off for fun. It's never been about emotions. That's why I want to see the tradition continue. :)

But I do agree the writing needs to improve... Luckily that looks to be vastly improved in Gears 3.

PS360PCROCKS2492d ago

Agreed totally. Epic needs to realize that killing off characters should be emotional and not just "oh oops he's dead, well here's a new character, he's black, so there's some variety" lol