7 Changes Pokemon Needs To See

Nightmare Mode writes about the 7 changes they'd like to see in the Pokemon franchise--from Team Rocket to character designs and more.

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WhiteLightning2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I miss Team Rocket they were my favorite thing about the series when I was younger I found them hilarious, although when my younger cousin watches them now it's not the same since they made it more cheesy them what it was AND changed the voice actors. I'm glad the Pokemon game series didn't get dumbed down.

However these things are needed in the next Pokemon game, I want a little bit more freedom. With the power of the 3DS compared to the DS they should be able to make the map even bigger with more to explore.

Jesse and James should come back in the game aswell, they should have refrences to the Red/Blue games and to your character in those games who defeated them. They could always be like Biggs and Wedge from FF8 just popping up throughout your mission, battle them and have some comic relief moments.

handheldwars22548d ago

GameFreak should make a title about the adventures of Red/Gold/Ruby characters after they beat the pokemon league...

I'd prefer that over a 6th generation ANY DAY!

Pikajew2548d ago

If it aint broke dont fix it

HeavenlySnipes2548d ago

I'm going to use my one bubble to comment on that spelling. I hope it was on purpose I actually lol'd reading that XD

tigertron2548d ago

but its become stale, it pains me to say it as I was a giant Pokémon fanboy in the 90s/2000s.

MrSpace2548d ago

Why do HM's have to take up a move slot, they could just have it as an ability.

"5. Get rid of evolutions that require trading"

THIS...why do I have to trade with someone just so I can get the most of my game or even better what about those "events" you have to go to........theres a thing called online now Nintendo we don't need events anymore this aint the gameboy SP days.

Kamikaze1352548d ago

Would be nice if there was some huge quest to take part in after the Pokemon League. I haven't played a Pokemon game in years, but that would definitely be interesting to see. Not just.

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The story is too old to be commented.