Nintendo: 200 Virtual Console Games By Year's End

Two hundred games will be available on the Wii's Virtual Console classic game download service by the end of 2007. That's a bit of data from the Reggie speech that's been getting thrown around recently.

There are currently 166 titles available on Virtual Console in the US. There are eight Mondays left in 2007. That means Nintendo will have to release an average of 4.25 games per week to hit their year-end target.

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Guardian0fPeace3910d ago

Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, and DK64 are brought onto VC, can't believe they haven't been already!

snoop_dizzle3910d ago

yeah i really want goldeneye. DK64 is cool too. and i also want jet force gemini.

Malkier3910d ago

Hopefully they will have some decent titles soon.

Fux4Bux3910d ago

200 overpriced ROM downloads? No way! Seriously this is so pathetic. Could easily release every one ever made just as easily as I can download them all for free. I can't believe Nintendo gets away with charging so much for something so cheap.

eclipsegryph3910d ago

Ever heard of a couple of little things called "legality" and "morality"?

Grassroots3910d ago

while I'm all for about 25 of those titles, the rest are a waste of resources to many (I know not all)

Shaka2K63910d ago

They could release of all those roms on a single Blu-ray disk, nes,snes Sega Genesis and n-64 roms.

so who buys a new console to play old games anyways? it would make alot more sence on hand helds or phones.

Grassroots3910d ago

look I'm a big blu-ray nut, but come on no need for some comment like that. These games are needed to be played on their original console if anything!

TheExodus3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

Blu-ray is actually quite dead, as is the PS3. Sony wasn't planning to make an official announcement because they thought the hints would be enough:

• Cell operations sold to Toshiba
• New PS2 next year

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