10 Things I learned from finally playing Uncharted

The Gaming Liberty writes: "Ten things I learned from finally playing Uncharted after holding out on it for years."

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Veeger2460d ago

Holding on a game like that for years means he's not a devoted gamer. So no click, no hit, no time to read whatever he wrote.

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CaptainMarvelQ82460d ago

yeah,he's not a devoted gamer unless you say so


Parapraxis2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

"holding out" implies that the only thing stopping him from playing was a desire not to.

Not having a PS3 wouldn't be "holding out", it would be never having the chance.

2 clearly different reasons. And I have to agree with Veeger, not wanting to play a game that is considered one of the best of this gen is an odd thing for somebody who thinks they are an "avid gamer" and for a person who writes for a gaming website (which also would point to the likelihood that that person thinks they are "avid") it is doubly odd.

He didn't want to play it because of the buzz around it (as stated in the article). That is a piss poor reason to NOT play a game.

MaxXAttaxX2460d ago

It's just an opinion piece guys. Relax.

Iroquois_Pliskin2460d ago

No, xbox cannot handle Uncharted 2

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Leviathan2460d ago

Mr. Balestra (co president of naughty dog) said:

I guarantee that this game couldn’t be working on Xbox 360. It would be impossible. I’m 100 percent sure of this.

First of all, we fill the Blu-ray 100 percent, we have no room left on this one. We have 25GB of data; we’re using every single bit of it. It’s the combination of Blu-ray and hard drive. You can play the entire game without loading. We don’t require an install. We’re doing all the post-processing effects on the SPUs [Synergistic Processing Units]. The quality of the depth of field we have, you can’t do that on the Xbox.

We’ve invested a lot of time maximizing the power of the machine. That’s our job, to make the PS3 shine.

aCasualGamer2460d ago

All i can say is, good for him for finally buying Uncharted games. Uncharted franchise undoubtedly is the greatest to have happened this gen of gaming.

I doubt though, that Uncharted fans would've had the same experiences if this franchise was built on 360 tech. Naughtydog themselves said that it would be impossible to get the same game with 360 tech. This guy obviously doesn't know better than the creators.

Sony3602460d ago


Of course Naughty Dog are going to say that, them being contracted to Sony.

I was wondering why a random opinion piece like this got so much attention, and there it is.

sazzrah2459d ago


Naughty Dog aren't 'contracted' to Sony, they are outright owned by Sony. However, if you find the quote you see the reasons why they believe it wouldn't run on X360 and they are very valid reasons. The Uncharted games rely heavily on the SPU processing power, which is the major advantage the PS3 has over X360. Unfortunately, very few developers use them to their full potential.

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princejb1342460d ago

1 thing have learned from the uncharted series is that i absolutely love it, great characters gameplay graphics and fun.

Canary2460d ago

Indeed. Like many games, it has some grating faults and flaws, but it's still so much better than anything else in gaming history, it's hard to focus on the bad, let alone acknowledge it.

Here's hoping Uncharted 3 lived up to its predecessors!

And that Amy Hennig gets off her ass and posts here LoK story notes on the Internet....

strange19862460d ago


Yet you still find the need to post this comment. Gaming is all about personal preference. If you want to be snobby about it keep it to yourself.

RedDead2460d ago

Pathetic comment, believe it or not, not everyone loves Uncharted me included, i'll probably be skipping 3. Maybe rent it

theherp802460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

I find it hard to believe that anyone who plays the Uncharted games, especially UC2, can come away not liking the game. You might not like the controls or the climbing or 3rd person shooting but the story alone is enough to make it a great game. Uncharted 2 fixed a lot of the issues people had with the controls or with climbing and tbh I don't see how anyone can really have an issue with the single player controls, MP on the other hand i can see but not SP. The story and production value of this quality (from the first Uncharted to the sequel) is very rare in video games. So in my opinion if you can honestly say you don't like Uncharted 1 or 2 than you don't like video games.

nopunctuation2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

This has to be the worst article ive ever read. He gives no reasons for saying why 360 could handle Uncharted, or why LA Noire face tech isnt the future, or why Nathon Fillion isnt drake. He just says in each one "Thats what I think and I dont even have to give reasons why." Horrible blog. Makes me sick that people can get paid for writing such utter shit.

strange19862460d ago

I think he mentioned that Nathan Fillion is just too old for the role. I don't agree though. How many high schoolers portrayed in movies actually look like high schoolers?

Saito2460d ago

right on the money i (crie) u want 2 b friends its not enough ur type of ppl in the world

xxBiG_BoSSxx2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

I think people are saying Fillion is too old because he's packed on a few pounds, and has been known as an actor longer than some others. I read people saying Fillion is too old, and that Drake should be played by Bradley Cooper. Or Hugh Jackman. Well, Cooper is 36, and Jackman is 42.
Fillion can get in shape for a role. 40 is not too old if you don't look 40.

theherp802460d ago

prob doesn't get paid to write that......which is why the writer can write something like this.

TheStonedSheep2460d ago

Agreed. It was written badly and no explanations were offered for the points made.

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FaulkinPunch2460d ago

The Uncharted series is definitely a great series for gamers to pick up!

ape0072460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

im sure xbox 360 can easily handle uncharted, fanboys in here are totally blind, just look at xbox 360 crysis2, rage and gears 3

anyway, guys don't me wong, i want uncharted to stay on ps3, it feels ps, i hate when everything turns multiplat


xbox 360=gears3

happy gaming

Marceles2460d ago

Yay @ naming multiplatform games. You sure settle that dispute. /s

I'm sure you can get people to agree that Alan Wake and Halo can be handled by PS3, especially since Mass Effect 2 is arguably the best looking 360 game and multiplatform, but good luck making people believe the 360 can handle God of War 3, the Killzone series, and the Uncharted series.

ghaleon19802460d ago

I couldn't agree more, bubble vote for you!

ilikegam3s2460d ago


You gotta be kidding ay..?
"Mass Effect 2 is arguably the best looking 360 game and multiplatform" - You serious? Crysis 2 says HI.

Again... obviously PS3 can handle halo and alan wake, there is a frigging 1 year difference between the consoles, but then again graphics doesn't matter (if you a real gamer that is)

theherp802460d ago

I def think the Xbox can, however it would have to be on 2 or more discs. that's something i think most people forget about, its not the power of the system so much as how much can fit on a disc.

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snipes1012460d ago

So he didn't wanna play a game, big whoop. Maybe he was playing, y'know, one of the hundreds of other games out this gen that are also great. I doesn't make him any less of a gamer.

Tyre2460d ago

He didn't want to play it because of the buzz around it (as stated in the article). That is a piss poor reason to NOT play a game and the actual reason why he doesn't want Nathan Fillion(because of the same buzz around him), age is not a factor here(he's only using it here to validate his piss poor reasoning). Drake is not in his twenties but mid-thirties and a little Hollywood magic & exercise does make Nolan North and Nathan Fillion THE best candidates for this movie, a young actor would make this movie mundane, period (think Indiana Jones, people before using that stupid age discriminative argument!).

Petro2460d ago

How about this, Nathan Fillion is not that good of an actor? I love movies and I love scifi the most, but every time I see his name, I wont expect much.

snipes1012459d ago

woah pep calm down haha. I read the article and so what the guy is just leery of trends. It is possible that he doesn't like every game that everyone else likes, or maybe he's just a bit of an ass.

I'll state this one more time though, who cares? He finally played it didn't he? That's all that matters. At least he didn't write it off entirely.

SuicideShaun2460d ago

Implying console games make you a devoted gamer. Maybe he was busy being devoted to another game. I'm a devoted gamer and the only uncharted I've played was the uc3 beta. I gotta say, you guys made it seem like it was going to be way better then it was.

Morgue2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Yeah I'm still holding out on marriage and kids. The reviews I've been reading all these years aren't all that good. All the add-on content you have too purchase, no online and from what I've heard it's like an RPG. Endless fights, upgrading your skills and if you make the wrong choices there's a boss battle at the end that could cost you everything.

antz11042459d ago

What an unintelligent comment. I just got a PS3 and the first game I got was UC2. Does that mean Im not a devoted gamer? :P

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ForROME2460d ago

I agree with most points, other than it would need a larger storage capacity to fit on Xbox - unless it was pure digital form for the hard drive.

Peaceful_Jelly2460d ago

Uncharted can easily fit in a DVD9 if they don't use lossless audio (only a rich guy would be able to take advantage of this anyway). Uncharted games are like 6 hours long and the MP is not that big either.

BeOneWithTheGun2460d ago

Uncharted 2 was substantially longer than 6 hours. For me, anyway.

kneon2460d ago

You don't need to be rich, a couple grand will get you a good enough receiver and speakers to notice the difference.

And unless you are playing on the easiest level and have already figured everything out, or don't go looking for treasures then the games are longer than 6 hours. Try playing on crushing and see what happens :)

Boletarian2460d ago

"You don't need to be rich, a couple grand will get you a good enough receiver and speakers to notice the difference."

Yes, I think you do need to be rich to shell out 2 grand for audio equipment. Some people have trouble getting the rent in on time, and others are swamped with the cell phone bills.

2 thousand dollars can build you a rig and buy your headphones that will surpass any experience that could be had on a console, so why would someone waste that much money to get the most out of a console?

cheetah2460d ago

Take away the lossless audio and Uncharted 2 would need at least 2 DVD9's, the game was 25gb so you dont know what you are talking about. Secondly, the single player game is about 15 hours long if you hunt around for artefacts, so again you really have no idea.

Go back to your cartoons kiddo.

kneon2460d ago


People struggling to pay the rent shouldn't be wasting time or money on video games. Maybe that's why they are struggling to pay the rent. Reminds me a bit of the current US government situation :)

If you've already dropped $300 on a console, ~$1000+ for an HDTV and who knows how many thousands on games then you're either not poor or you've made some very bad spending decisions. So getting a proper sound system is not out of the question, and it's just happens to be great for movies as well.

GamersRulz2460d ago

It is not about the 6 hours, it is about what's inside those 6 hours.

so no DVD can't handle Uncharted unless you mean 3 DVD's

Bonobo123452460d ago


It's easy to preach, but some people are not rich and do love gaming.
getting the rent in on time is a necessity, but having a quality of life and the option of doing something you enjoy is also essential.

So if you love video games buying what is necessary to enjoy them is not a bad spending decision. 1000+ worth of audio equipment is a bad spending decision, because audio is the least important piece of a video game set up.

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beastgamer2460d ago

its not due to disc size, its based on tech wise, 360 has tech the ps3 can do the same, but the ps3 that extra fit with the spu which Naughty Dog said they take advantage of them 90% in Uncharted 2 and only less than 20% gpu

Boletarian2460d ago

Everything related to visuals goes through the GPU. Where did you get those numbers.

BrianG2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )


Your statement is not 100% correct. Watch the following video. They allude to some visual effects being run on the SPU's only, such as motion blur, bloom, while others are a mix between the GPU and CPU.

So not "everything visual related" is handled by the GPU. Which makes it easy to argue against the authors 2nd point about it running on the 360.

Maybe it could, but a completely different programming style would need to be implemented. The the question is how big of a hit does performance take? Since the CPU can't assist the GPU in the same fashion in the 360. That is when you see frame drops, resolution drops, post processing effects dropped, etc...

Bonobo123452460d ago


Do a little research and find out for yourself that some visual effects can and are handled by SPU's.

can't believe you got agrees when you are factually wrong...

snipes1012460d ago're making a lot of assumptions.

1...buying a next gen console does not necessitate the purchase of an hd tv. I have several friends who play 360 or ps3 on a standard def tv and get along just fine. do you know how many games people buy? Some people gaming on a budget may buy only one or two games a year.

3...Just because you have bills and money is a little tight does not mean you have to not have any fun on the side, it just requires some more consideration when making recreational purchases.

ilikegam3s2460d ago


For me:
1) I don't need a tv, 21.5" gaming monitor, full HD, built in speakers (which are shit, but i use them with external speakers) 2 HDMI ports, 1 vga and 1 DVI.

2) Yeah I only buy 1 or 2 games max a year, playing old games are fun. This year is an exception tho... a lot of mint games. But for next year prob go back and only purchase one game, or won't even buy a game next year.

I have a x360, ps3 and gaming pc so... yep.

3) :)

Pintheshadows2460d ago

It is awesome is what I took away.

WhiteLightning2460d ago

"2- The Xbox 360 could handle Uncharted"

Yeah I really...REALLY, doubt that. L.A Noire had to be cut from 6 discs from 3 when it was just half way through development, imagine how much more content they would have to cut if it was like 90% developed.

ND have said themselfs that each level in Uncharted would take a full DVD disc for the 360 so in Among theives theres 26 levels which means we are looking at a 26 disc game plus online which would have to go on another in total that's what...27 discs.

I'm more surprized Microsoft havent tried and rival Uncharted this gen.

Pintheshadows2460d ago

Just ignore it dude. It won't ever come to 360 so it is a waste of oxygen discussing it.

STICKzophrenic2460d ago

Lmfao...a DVD for 360 holds just under 7 going by your logic, Uncharted 2 is close to 189 gigs. I'm impressed they were able to compress it that much to fit it on a 25 (or 50) gig Blu-Ray disc.


I've played Uncharted and Uncharted 2 and I see no reason why they couldn't be made for Xbox 360. It might take up a few discs, but it could be done.

grailly2460d ago

can anyone explain STICK's disagrees? Is uncharted really 189 gigs? I'm just wondering.

or was it for the second paragraph?

I think that uncharted could be done on 360, just over a few disks and maybe slightly less pretty, but gameplay wise everything could be done.

Eiffel2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )


Is that a serious question? Uncharted 2 is not 189 gigs. Uncharted 1 and 2 combined don't even equal 189 gigs. To even think that is ridiculous, much to the fanboys disappointment and glorified incorrect statements. Last I recall God Of War 3 was around 35GB, If anything Uncharted 2 may be around the 20 or 30 GB range.

You can even look at Infamous which is a 15GB game, but for digital download off PSN it's less than 6 GB.

nopunctuation2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Protip:Mentioning disagrees will only get you more of them.

Also Infamous 2 is a 15gb download, not a 6gb.

Eiffel2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

"Also Infamous 2 is a 15gb download, not a 6gb."


"You can even look at Infamous which is a 15GB game, but for digital download off PSN it's less than 6 GB. "

I don't see a 2 after Infamous do you? Believe it or not, and this may come to your surprise, so brace yourself, but Infamous actually exited before Infamous 2. Crazy right!? I know. A game before a sequel? Insanity.

Protip: Learn2Read.

BeOneWithTheGun2460d ago

That's like 7 God of War 3s!

STICKzophrenic2460d ago

@Eiffel - Is that a serious question? Uncharted 2 is not 189 gigs.

Grailly's question was rhetorical and facetious because people were disagreeing with how I used White Lightning's logic as seen below.

"ND have said themselfs that each level in Uncharted would take a full DVD disc for the 360 so in Among theives theres 26 levels which means we are looking at a 26 disc game plus online which would have to go on another in total that's what...27 discs."

Obviously it isn't 189 gigs, but WL sure made it seem that way. He took ND's comments (I don't know if ND even said that) and took them as gospel without thinking about the validity of said comments.

By the way, me saying Uncharted 2 can be done on 360 isn't a knock on Uncharted 2 in any way, shape or form. I think both Uncharted games are awesome, but I saw nothing to suggest it would be impossible to do on 360.

grailly2460d ago

yeah, I didn't think I uncharted was 189gigs, I just thought that if I said it wasn't fanboys would go crazy on me. I mean WL got 23 agrees for stating absolute bullshit!

Being a PS3 fanboy isn't enough on this site anymore, you have to be a delusional fanboy.

bozebo2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

It could be done on the 360 but it would have worse detail (because of less disk space) and rendering quality (ps3 spus combined with RSX used properly allows better post-processing performance than the 360's xenos).

The 360 has a tri core cpu, the cores in this cpu perform relatively similar to a core in a desktop PC. The ps3 has one of these cores with an adittional 7 cell cores. The cell cores are very fast with floating-point arithmetic, which is used extensively in graphics and physics.
The xenos chip in the 360 is considerably more powerful with shader performance than the RSX chip in the ps3, but post-processing shaders for the ps3 can be offloaded onto the SPUs. It is up to the developer to make an engine that is designed to do just that, hence why the PS3 has some amazing looking exclusives and can suffer from bad ports. But theres a load more to it than that, bandwidth limitations and such.

Something else I think the PS3 has in it's favour is developer-made HDD install (like PC games). The installation of 360 games to the HDD simply copies a direct image of the disk and emulates a drive - so it isn't optimised exactly how the developer wants; for example: Halo 3 is slower from the HDD than from the disk. So the PS3 is capable of faster load times.

Anyway... yeah, the scale of the tech in uncharted isn't beyond the 360 - it's just that the PS3 is a bit more capable, particularly for more detailed environments.

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bloodybutcher2460d ago

On August 26, 2009, it was revealed that Uncharted 2 uses between 90 to 100% of the Cell's processor and uses all 25GB of a single Blu-ray Disc. However, Evan Wells later pointed out " it's at least busy 100% of the time, but it's still not fully-optimized code. I mean, in order to get to that 100%, it was more about making sure the pipeline was filled, and we weren't running into one of the processors becoming idle because there wasn't a job ready for it."
25GB of a single it would be four dvds.where the hell did you take 27 from,i have no clue.

ilikegam3s2460d ago

lol its funny, back then they say they have used 90% of the ps3/cell's power. Now is it less than 20% ahahahhaha, amazing how tech can be used in different ways.

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pain777pas2460d ago

I am not sure about this can be done on the 360 thing. AC series are clearly 360 games. Halo is a 360 game. Alan wake is a 360 game. You can almost see what has been made for the 360 as lead SKU now. I don't know what it is but you can just tell. Like Tomb Raider looks like a 360 game. Maybe its the shaders or whatever. Even though Infamous 1 was a PS3 game I can tell that it is. Just like the Uncharted series and GOW3 you can just see it in the textures colours, shaders whatever. R1 is the only game that looks a little I don't know but honestly if you tweek the specs or have unlimited HD space and all sorts of things like that than of course. If you could have 2 analog sticks on the PSP games would have played better... you see where I'm going with this. So as currently configured the game would not be identical on the 360.

thespaz2460d ago

The thing that gives it away most is when you see an indication to press a certain button on the screen, the 360 version shows an 'A', 'B' or 'Y' while the PS3 version usually shows 'cross', 'circle', 'square' or 'triangle'.

pain777pas2460d ago

Thespaz you are a winner.