Resident Evil 4/CODE: Veronica X HD: A Fantastic Package


"Some have asked just how many damn times we can successfully repackage Resident Evil 4 (January 11, 2005).

"Not only did we have several different special editions, we battled evil on the PS2 (October 25, 2005), the PC (May 15, 2007) and the Wii (June 19, 2007).

"And that’s not counting the countless mobile versions of the game.

"Are you ready to go back one final time? Yes? Good! As they say, fifth time’s the charm!

"The ultimate Resident Evil deal for those who haven’t picked it up yet (and really, who else hasn’t played RE4 at this point?) is arriving soon, and it’s a fantastic package you won’t want to miss."

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gaminoz2608d ago

Resident Evil 4 was one of the best games last gen and hopefully the HD means it looks even better in action.

Only issue I have is why didn't they put the two together? $20 each seems odd to me and like they are milking a bit.

Proeliator2608d ago

It would appear so, but hey, nostalgia sells.

Oh no, look at me talking about a game from six years ago as "nostalgia"...

RedDead2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Still, compare 4 to 5. RE 4 is light years beyond 5. Just play it again it's still amazing. (Setting is better, the free roam is still sorta there sometimes, anyway it's not like 5 which is just levels really, co op ruins it honestly, it was better on your own, RE4 still had horror elements like the invisible things, cut scenes were WAY better)

Code veronica, dunno why nobody is talking about it, imo, the best old style RE(yeah better than Re2). It's brilliant.

christheredhead2608d ago

Yah, it seemed odd to me a first but they're pretty much following the hd remaster standard, 2 or 3 games for 40 dollars. So in retrospect its really no different than any other hd collection. The only issue for me is that i wish it was a retail release instead of merely download only, but ill pick both up regardless.

dougr2608d ago

is resident evil 4 a survival horror or action like 5?

cooperdnizzle2608d ago

Action like 5, but a little bit more creepy. And kinda of a more survival horror aspect but not really. Pretty much the same game. But way better then 5 for sure.

BadCircuit2608d ago

Agreed. Changes of setting and gloomy atmosphere really did it better. Loved it.

etowntwo2608d ago

Resident Evil 4, one of the best games of all time.

Resident Evil : code Veronica x ... I don't know, I haven't played it. I thought they were the same game.

BadCircuit2608d ago

Nah, Code Veronica X is pretty good and old school like the first few...restricted movement and atmosphere etc. made it quite intense at times. More focused on puzzles.

I wonder how much HD can make it look way better to play though, as it is a older PS2 title...

Proeliator2608d ago

There are screens at the bottom of the article. :)

cooperdnizzle2608d ago

Yea Veronica is my favorite one right behind two. The story in veronica is way deeper than any of te other ones. Love'd that game way to much when i first got it with my dream cast.

Venox20082608d ago

i looove vode veronica... if you want a good survival horror, buy it

jagstatboy2607d ago

never played Code Veronica...I will now.