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WTG writes: "Magic the Gathering is a thinking person’s game. It’s a combination of luck and skill, kind of like chess and poker fused into one with, well, magic. The sequel to the eighth best selling Xbox Live Arcade game of all time, according to, is upon us. Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 made its debut June 15th on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Steam marketplace with outstanding approval. In order to outshine Magic 2010, developer Stainless Games and publisher Wizards of the Coast needed to come through in a big way; and did they ever! Magic 2012 features new decks that cater to your play style, new game types, and a new Magic experience."

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Tony-Red-Grave2609d ago

must have add ons NOAAAW!!!!

Kee2609d ago

Yeah they really need to let you build a deck from scratch. Even if they only give you the cards in the game... I'd still like to mix and match the decks.

grifter0242609d ago

This is what I thought it was in the beginning..well the last Magic game.

But all it was is pre made decks that you can choose from which is asinine.

You should be able to make your own deck not this cookie cutter crap.

Tony-Red-Grave2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

if you want something like that you need to get MTGO the. duels of the planeswalker isn't a full magic game just an introduction to the game so peope can play MTGO or the actual card game.

as for what i ment by add ons i just want nicol bolas's deck,goldmanes,lilianna ves,and karns deck already since their already in the game.

plus unlike the core decks the ad decks tend to have alot more flavor.

Edit: the reason why they dont allow anyone to build the decks from scracth is because it would unbalance the game for casuals and might keep them from getting interested in the game and going on to buy MGTO where they really earn the money from.

BadKarmaSutra962609d ago

I want them to port the old decks over. Some of them would be really nice if you could skim them down to 60 cards.

Tony-Red-Grave2609d ago

their bringing back some good ones though so far i the green red white is coming back as white red or green white, the black discard deck,and root of firemind, with a different name, not to mention a new planeswalker.