The 3DS Price Drop – Nintendo’s Genius Plan

Nintendo’s recent announcement of a 3DS price drop just months after launch has left fans wondering whether they were excessively arrogant and idiotic in thinking that the Nintendo 3DS could sell like hotcakes at a $250 price-tag with very few must-have games. However, was this really arrogance, or was it a stroke of genius in what is actually a master plan from Nintendo?

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Rrobba2611d ago

I wonder? Nintendo are marketing geniuses, they know how to sell (as we've seen with the Wii and DS). However, I think they were really just a bit arrogant (as all companies are at some point - e.g. Sony with the PS3 - but Sony bounced back and delivered this gen, so can Nintendo).

handheldwars22611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Yeah, I agree that Nintendo's arrogance is comparable to that of Sony's with PS3. I also agree that Nintendo has the capacity to bounce back because of three reasons:

1. Extremely strong lineup holiday 2011

2. Lots of great upcoming software for 2012 already announced, more at e3 2012 for that year.

3. When things start to get old, Nintendo will release a new attractive model in 2013, with a slightly higher price tag, to ensure that 3DS is a continued success. (Just like they did with DS)

Nintendo is a very sincere company that loves their fanbase and even though they make very stupid decisions or big mistakes at times, I always want to see them doing well.

-Alpha2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

#1 is the main reason that the 3DS will continue to be so successful, especially come this Christmas.

They simply have too many huge heavy hitters coming this year to ignore.

But for #2, that's uncharted territory. We have no idea what's up Sony's sleeve and what games are going to jump on the Vita. Sony's First Party isn't as strong as Nintendo's when it comes to popularity and Sony's best selling titles are the third party exclusives like FF, GTA, Monster Hunter, etc. If Sony can secure games like that then the PSV may have a more foreseeable future. I also have to wonder how the huge casual fanbase of Nintendo's is going to react this coming holiday. They are also a huge factor to consider for what happens next

longcat2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I dont think there was a single person in gaming who could have predicted this from nintendo.

While this may certainly give the system a boost, the long-term effects are going to be very interesting.

They have set a very curious precedent and i'm fascinated to see how the WiiU sell in its first 6 months after this, especially if it retails above $250

Strange_Evil2610d ago

I dunno. At this point of time, the handheld market is seeming really fickle. Majority of the handheld market consists of casual owners and most of those seem to have jumped ship to iPhones and other smartphones now. People don't really like to spend upwards of 30-40$ for a handheld game when they get an alternative for 1-5$ off the Appstore. I know the quality isn't same, but people really don't care. I am even worried about Vita's success for the same reason.

For Vita to compete with 3DS, I think Sony will have to pull up Ace's out of their sleeves. They need to bring in the heavyweights like COD, BF, GTA and Assasin's Creed series to the Vita exclusively and not just spin-offs, but actual console ports. Sony hasn't really thrown money at 3rd party, but in this case Sony should bank on their superior hardware and bring in the ports directly to Vita. Make sure that GTA simultaneously gets released on the Vita with the console ports.. As much as people like to ravage the COD title, if it appears on Vita, I can daresay it can seriously dent the 3DS.

I really hope the handheld market doesn't die due to mobile phones. Vita is something I really would like to succeed as it's really a next gen portable with serious raw power.

etowntwo2610d ago

I agree ...

Sony really needs to emphasize the online multiplayer capabilities for Vida .... That with a COD will be huge.

I know I can't see myself buying a 3DS with only one analog stick.

subtenko2610d ago

So now people are saying "oh, it was all just a plan...yep..we did it on purpose!"

BS...thats not cool :/

and to anyone how thinks it was "smart", well if they sold the WiiU at the standard price for one month then the next day made it $100 you would call "BS!!!" Extreme example, but same principle.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

zerocrossing2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Lol I remember the "It prints money now" joke with the Wii all those years back, nintendo are geniuses even though it gets a bit anoying when they pull crap like this, Im just glad I held out on purchasing a 3DS so i can get it for better value and more games.

Rrobba2610d ago

Yea, Pachter is hardly ever right. I respect his opinions, but he really needs to keep quiet more often.

Rrobba2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )


Kee2610d ago

Well, it's got me. The minute the price drops I'm getting one.

user83971442610d ago

So they were being greedy based on this article.

Rrobba2610d ago

Not necessarily, they made up for the extra costs charged by offering 20 free games.

A very sincere move if you ask me.

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