Top 5 Expected Biggest Sellers of Holiday 2011

GB: "This holiday season is going to be hard on our wallets as gamers- with so many awesome games releasing in the short span of two months, it’ll be hard to keep up with all the releases as they swiftly flood the retail marketplace. And while many gamers will typically whine about a packed release schedule that demands a great investment of both time and money, the objective optimist will in fact realize one utterly simple, glaringly obvious fact: there has never been a better time to be a gamer.
Whereas trying to keep a track of quality releases may be hard, we at GamingBolt have already tried to make it easier for you. This article is not discussing the potential quality and critical reception of these upcoming games. This article will, instead, try to identify those games that will potentially sell the most, come holiday 2011. With so many games releasing, limiting ourselves to just five games was slightly hard, but we managed in the end.
Presenting to you, a list of five games that will sell the most come Holiday 2011."

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WhiteLightning2542d ago

Uncharted 3 and Skyrim will be big sellers aswell

Why o why2542d ago

i think gears would top halo. Im sure uncharted will do well too.

gamingdroid2542d ago

Yeah, I was wondering about Gears too. Isn't it most pre-ordered so far this year?

AngryTypingGuy2541d ago

I'll definitely be playing all of those, except for Mario Kart. It'll be interesting to see which sells more between Halo: Anniversary and Gears of War 3.

This fall is going to be insane! Between Halo, Gears, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Batman,Battlefield and MW3, there is simply not enough time in my day (or night) to get to everything! In due time.

fluffydelusions2542d ago

Isn't Halo anniversary a download only title?

gamingdroid2542d ago

No, it is a full retail title on disc at MSRP $40. I think (if you are in the US) has it for $30.

evrfighter2541d ago

lol gamingbolt. mario kard 3ds at #2?

it's gonna sell millions when the 3ds itself has

just another website I'll keep in mind to not take seriously

SITH2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

They left out just a couple of games...
Gears of war
Deus ex
Madden 12
Jump gate evolution
Skyrim (yes you see it twice mofo!)
Resistance 3
Forza 4
Metal gear rising
Need for speed run
Assassin creed Revalations

Series_IIa2542d ago


I mean I like the game but considering how average R2 sold, I doubt it will shift that many numbers

A7XEric2542d ago

This list is only games of the holiday season.

BlmThug2542d ago

Its says Top 5 not Top 15

SITH2541d ago

Pick 5 and be happy.

Bigpappy2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I do not fully agree with the list, but the writer did say "Top 5 Expected Biggest Sellers of Holiday 2011". You listed about 15 games that will al sell well enough, but he specifically said "Top 5" and "Holiday".

My thoughts: Remove AC and put Gears in second place. The rest of the list is reasonable. I am not sure how well UC3 will sell over the Holidays compared to the others on the list, but I am tempted to replace the Halo remake with UC3. But looking at UC sales history compared to anything Halo kind of pushes Halo remake right back in there. Keep in mind that many halo fans see this version of halo to be the best version ever made.

gamingdroid2542d ago

I completely agree whit you, Gears 3 should be on that list considering (as pointed out above), it is the most pre-ordered game this year.

Now, he did say Holiday so technically Gears is just bordering on it. Maybe that is why it was left out.

Boletarian2542d ago

They included Assassin's Creed Revelations, so why is it on your list?

Secondly, it's a top 5 list, which means the writer thinks these games will be the top 5 sellers on any list.

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showtimefolks2542d ago

saints row 3(it should sell quite well because we haven't has a good open world game since RDR)

skyrim(if all the hype fans have created turns out to be true than it will sell quite well also)

and don't be surprised if AC doesn't sell as well as years past since AC2 last AC game didn't do as well as 2nd and now people have some fatigue

uncharted 3(it should do over 6 million easy with a install base of 52million ps3 systems sold, if it really hits well it can do 8 plus)

and halo selling well as a HD remake does not mean anything all it means to mean is that xbox360 fans are short on exclusives so a HD remake will have to do

gears 3 should do quite well

what do we expect from forza 4?(can it do as well as GT5 did selling almost 7 million copies in 6 weeks? is very interesting)

what will be the sleeper hit of 2011 and what will be a fail of 2011?

my sleeper hit is rage
and dark souls will fail with sales with so many other games plus skyrim(it can do a million and i will be surprised if it does more than that)

HeavenlySnipes2542d ago

umm InFAmous 2 is an opne world game....

kingslayer10002542d ago

forza probably wont do 7 million

ilikegam3s2542d ago

I agree with most of ur opinions but:
If x360 owners want to play the Halo 4 beta, then they have to get Halo: CEA, which would prob increase the sales imo.

showtimefolks2541d ago

crackdown sold well because it had beta codes for halo 3

DiRtY2542d ago

Gears of war will do crazy numbers. so will do skyrim and forza.

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