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Crash Returns on Cryteks Cryengine: Brand New Screenshots of Crash Bandicoot Returns Released

Here are some brand new screenshots from Crash Bandicoot Returns. Crash Bandicoot, or simply Crash, is a video game character based on Sony´s PlayStation and the primary protagonist of the Crash Bandicoot series of video games. Crash is back in an upcoming Crysis mod, based on Cryteks CryEngine. (Crysis, PC)

Kurisu  +   1126d ago
Broken link. Anyway I think this has been posted on N4G before.
powerofcell  +   1126d ago
No true ps3 gamer would ever support this. i would rather like to see sony make a hd remake so that we can support the industry, pc gamers need yo get off their high horse and stop it with the mods. sony give give us a hd remake make it happen.
FrozenFrag  +   1126d ago
So.. you'd rather pay for something than get it for free? Lets combine this with the fact that you clearly don't own a decent enough pc to play games and are merely just jealous.

Your name tells the whole story.. *sigh*

On topic. Crash Bandicoot is amazing and I support this mod.
Ravenor  +   1126d ago
It's a free open platform and this INDIVIDUAL is free to do this as long as he isn't planning on using it for monetary gain.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1126d ago
What??? No ps gamer would support a remake of a great game using a highly advanced engine? Youre crazy, I played it on ps and will play this also for nostalgia.
N4SIR  +   1126d ago
what a joke! are you serious? a 'true' ps3 gamer would not support this... sheesh... stop living in your tiny little bubble!
rumplstilts  +   1126d ago
How thick are you? No Sony gamer would support their fans paying homage to a great game by recreating it in a modern engine? I own two Sony consoles and I think it's great when fans like to show their appreciation of titles they enjoyed.
Micro_Sony  +   1125d ago
Crash was like a mix between Mario and Sonic.

Loved the games and get wait for a new one - too bad Activision owns crash now : (
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TheLastGuardian  +   1125d ago
As a huge Crash fan, I must say, this isn't very impressive. So maybe the graphics are improved but what's the point if you kill the art style in the process? The gameplay looks like crap compared to the first 3 games. No one will ever make a Crash game as good as Naughty Dog.
bozebo  +   1125d ago
what TheLastGuardian said.

Also, I doubt they will get the "feel" of the gameplay right at all.
morganfell  +   1125d ago

That isn't true. Game history is rife with not for gain projects which have been shut down by the IP holders. Just because you are not generating a profit does not mean you have the right to produce material based on a person's or company's Intellectual Property.

Usually IP copyright filings are fairly general which allows for a wide scope of coverage and the actions of modmakers could be considered copyright infringement even though there is no financial gain. It is up to the IP holder to decide if they want to pursue action. Some companies encourage it and some do not.
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Heartnet  +   1125d ago
True and that this Mod is utter Bullshit lol.. Everything is just so Unresponsive...

the original looks and plays alot better lets face it
DragonKnight  +   1125d ago
@Morganfell: Chrono Trigger Resurrection instantly comes to mind.
SilentNegotiator  +   1126d ago
It was a good idea, but the gameplay is slow and awful.


LOL, that is NOT crash.
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TVippy  +   1125d ago
Good point.
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1125d ago
Yeah this was on here 3 months ago

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DoomeDx  +   1125d ago
Upload date: April 12.

Old video guys, the youtube video is old.
jeenyus  +   1126d ago
The link may be OK, the damned site is dead.
BlmThug  +   1126d ago
Crap like this gets approved yet story's with working links dont
HardCover  +   1126d ago
The link does work.
I-Pod  +   1126d ago
Yes, the link does work.
Brownghost  +   1126d ago
it works and screens look like far cry 2 on steroids their amazing
DA_SHREDDER  +   1126d ago
Man just think how cool Crash would be if Naughty Dog still had the IP? Crash with Uncharted graphics would make me so happy
xtremegamerage  +   1126d ago
meh, but would love real crash to come back.
tigertron  +   1126d ago
Sony needs to buy back their mascot.
Brownghost  +   1125d ago
whats with the hates I prefer crash than Nathan drake as a mascot
tc389   1126d ago | Spam
ArtificiallyYours  +   1125d ago
Crash will always be the alpha male of Playstation mascots. Sure, life goes on, but nostalgia is a perpetual sensation.

That said, if the first three Crash games were to- by some blessing- be remade, it should only be the first three. OH WAIT WAIT WAIT INCLUDE CTR!!!!
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TheLastGuardian  +   1125d ago
I just wish Naughty Dog would buy back the rights and make a Crash game for PSN. Something simple yet amazing. An ode to the original 3 games ala Sonic 4. Crash doesn't need amazing graphics, it's all about the art style and gameplay.
kamakaz3md  +   1125d ago
i dont get it...
StayStatic  +   1125d ago
Oh god please tell me Activision owns this IP , their will be a law suit before the day is out
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HaVoK308  +   1125d ago
Looks slow and very floaty. Almost zero animation. It's appears soulless.

Meh...it is, what it is.
MasterCornholio  +   1125d ago
This is kind of old.
laid2rest  +   1125d ago
The game play looked shit.
Agent_hitman  +   1125d ago
If they remake it again, I'm pretty sure that it is no longer playstation exclusive, since Activision already owned that IP..
slaton24  +   1125d ago
i bet ur right activision will make it most likely for all 3 main systems
thekiddfran  +   1125d ago
It looks good but it plays like crap.
Inzo  +   1125d ago
The big problem with the cryengine is every one is able to make great mods but no one seems to be able to make a great game.
gypsygib  +   1125d ago
Cryengine doesn't work on 360, it has random huge blocks of rectangular grain and lines that go across the screen. Crytek doesn't know how to fix it. The Crysis 2 forum says it all, a 112 page thread on just the grain bug.
Heartnet  +   1125d ago
Game looks like crap animations are sloppy.. gravity needs fixed ahh so many things wrong with this mod..

Looks like shit.. dont even comtemplate ever playing it
Snowii  +   1125d ago
i remember when i was like 5

i passed all of his 3 games and i was just addicted

and by god this game better be good!
CanadianTurtle  +   1125d ago
Theres a lot that needs to be fixed here. Just pretty scenery alone doesn't make a crash game. I'm a veteran Crash Bandicoot gamer, and believe me, that a lot has to taken into consideration such as physics, crash's animations, etc.
RyuDrinksTheDew  +   1125d ago
ah man, i was hoping this was an updated version of the mod.

this is the same build was we saw like 6 months ago.

oh well, still an awesome mod.

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