Sony PS3 Wireless 7.1 Headset Deal Tops Sales Charts

Yesterday, Sony’s upcoming Wireless 7.1 Stereo Surround Sound Headset went on sale for 35% off at $65. The deal made waves around the internet, and was enough to bring Sony’s headset to the very tip top of sales charts.

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v1c1ous2306d ago

so now we're reporting on accessory sales lists? *shakes head*

cruncher_202306d ago

Well when an accessory like that is 35% off, all ps3 users could be interested so I think it is worth informing the community !

Scary692306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

I already preordered :-) I am wondering how this will connect or just put the wireless usb and it can be used or are there other connections involved.

v1c1ous2306d ago

you mean the 1080 degrees article right in the front page isn't advertisement enough?

cruncher_202306d ago

@Scary69 : Probably optical and RCA

@v1c1ous : I guess not if you comment on this one...

Oner2305d ago

Anyone have a link to or know if BestBuy will price match this?

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gamingdroid2306d ago

This is a great deal, and I probably shouldn't question it, but why is it on sale before release?

That is by far the cheapest full blown 7.1 headset I have seen. Wonder if it works with my Xbox 360?

Why o why2306d ago

sorry dude. xbox only outputs 2 channel lpcm :)

Im not questioning a thing. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

gamingdroid2306d ago

Actually, Xbox 360 does output in 5.1 via optical port. Many headsets use this, including my Tritton AX360 True 5.1 Dolby Digital headset.

What I was wondering is since it uses a dongle, maybe it would work on my Xbox 360 as well as the PS3?

Another major concern is comfort. I own these Sony MDR-NC7 (noise cancelling) and the Sony MDR-V250 which are both very uncomfortable. However, at the store they had these others that was super comfortable made by Sony which I mistakenly took for the NC7 at when purchasing...

That said, why does this wireless headset need a dongle for the PS3? PS3 has Bluetooth.

Why o why2306d ago

I was joking dude

Maybe i should of said mono instead:)

Max Power2306d ago

It's not a "full blown 7.1 headset" it simulates 7.1, either way I ordered mine last night.

gamingdroid2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Thanks Max for pointing it out, I forgot about that.

The only "full blown" surround headset I know of is the Tritton AX Pro which has 5 independent speakers in the headset.

This Sony one has two speakers and simulates 7.1 using a chip, which most headsets do.

Allowen2306d ago

I wondere if the fw update that will make this PS heaadphone to work with thne PS3 it will also make my G35 fro Logitech to finally work on the console as well.