Expert: Don't blame games for Oslo terrorist

In the aftermath of the Oslo, Norway terrorist attack by Anders Behring Breivik, some have fingered video games as a potential contributing factor to the madman's rampage. Retailers in Norway are already clamping down on toys and games that it deems dangerous -- including both Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, the two games Breivik mentioned in his manifesto.
But according to Christopher Ferguson, a clinical psychologist and leading expert on video game violence at Texas A&M International University, video games aren't to blame. Breivik was just plain crazy.

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-Alpha2574d ago

You need an expert to tell you this?

Boletarian2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Well would I be wrong in thinking that maybe you have something else to blame?

In these types of incidents, people are always looking to blame something, and usually they want to blame something they're not personally affiliated with.

People who don't play games and/or don't like video games might be the first to blame video games because they have an ulterior agenda.

People who are not religious and/or might be anti-religious might be the first to blame religion because they have an ulterior agenda.

People who are part of a political party opposite to that of the terrorist might blame the political ideology.

It sounds crazy but we are all guilty of doing things like that. It's something inherent to the human mind - to be fearful and contemptuous against some group or some concept that we don't associate ourselves with.

The expert is just saying something obvious but at the same time most people, including myself and people who are the first to say that it's obvious don't realize that we also make the mistake.

I think it's kind of sad that people are looking to blame something else for this man's actions. I've said it before in similar article threads. This man is 100 percent responsible for what he did. No one and nothing else deserves any blame at all for this man's actions. Blame him, serve justice upon him, and move on. Shame that Norway doesn't have a death penalty because this man sure doesn't deserve to live.

KingZFlipper2574d ago

I can't believe they took down MW2 and WoW from the stores in Norway. Really aren't those games fault.

MAJ0R2574d ago

that's socialism for ya, he will spend a maximum 21 years in prison in a luxury 5 star accommodation prison

in America he would be executed, republic government ftw

vicheous2574d ago

he killed foreigners so they might want him for trial, but i bet we wount send him anywhere but Norwegian jail! He'll never be out! Just because the law says 21 year jail does not mean you cant stay longer! Here it's called "Sikring" and he's gonna spend more than 21 years if not the other prisoners kill him 1st!

Boletarian2574d ago

vicheous are you in norway right now?

If so, what's the economic climate like? Is it improving or are they still predicting decline? I ask because I've always been interested in living in Norway. Such a beautiful place.

Reborn2574d ago

I wonder how long it took this expert to come to that conclusion.

zerocrossing2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Untill he ran out of money bags?.

vicheous2574d ago

This is just silly! but luckily this is not for all stores here... DAM i bet i've played more games than him and i dont run around shooting people! Whats next close the book store cause he read? At least we can still fly airplanes and have a pretty much regular life! No patriot act here... We fight with love and red roses!

codename132574d ago

similarly, don't blame Islam for some middle east terrorists.

nopunctuation2574d ago

That has nothing to do with this.

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The story is too old to be commented.