Breath of Fire 4 is set to heat up PSN in August

Breath of Fire 4 is scheduled to launch August 16 on PSN in the United States, according to a forum post from Capcom Senior VP Christian Svensson.

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phantomexe2542d ago

I never got around to playing this one or 3 are they any good. I don't know i just never got into the BOF rpgs after playing the frist one.

thorstein2542d ago

3 was really good. Then came Valkyria Chronicles which was very similar but amazing on the PS3. So good in fact, they made sequels..... for the PSP.

CLOUD19832542d ago

BoF III is awesome game with amazing story and characters it's one of my 10 all time favorite JRPG's a true classic and if you r fan of traditional turn-based JRPG you "must" try it I am sure you will love it.

Infernostew2542d ago

I really wish we would get BoF3. I own 4 and it's not nearly as good as 3.

Inception2542d ago

Agree. I searched BoF 3 for PSP in ebay / amazon, but the price are really high >.<

Foxgod2542d ago

If only Capcom would stay on the same course they created with BOF 3, BOF 4 was good, but it was a step back from BOF 3.

and 5 was ugh (cencored).

Redempteur2542d ago

Breath of fire 4 : Censored US edition ...

i just HAD to say it ...

Evoluti0n2542d ago

3 and 4 were really good. 5 was good, just different.

They need to make a 6 already, f***.

thorstein2542d ago

Have you played Valkyria Chronicles? Definitely got my fix.