Ten FTW: Our Top 10 Video Game Narratives

Ten FTW – Our Top Ten Video Game Narratives (S03E46) Steve and Larson sit down for story time and present their top ten video game narratives of all time.

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Inside_out2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Recently, I would say Alan wake was a fun game with a great narrative style...

I really hope Alan wake 2 makes an appearance in still hasn't been confirmed as far as I can tell. I never heard anything about the XBLA game in a while as well.

jdfoster002576d ago

Thought the new alan wake was a downloadable addon type of title.... But yeah hope Alan Wake 2 comes out

Imikida2575d ago

I liked Read Dead Redemption's story, it had interesting characters, a great back story, and a unexpected ending.