New Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Screenshots has updated its Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 gallery with a batch of new screenshots from the game.

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Cpt_kitten2614d ago

really can't believe that horrid game got a sequel......guess they only say the says figures and not the fact that everyone who bought it returned it with in a couple hours

dirthurts2614d ago

You know some people actually liked, and completed the game.
The even patched the game later which made it much better(easier) for those who couldn't handle it.

SITH2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Some people like, me.

Cpt_kitten2613d ago

still crap, nothing compared to sniper elite

Inside_out2614d ago

The first game actually had nice graphics, it was the other " issues " that it had. Hopefully, they have straighten out those problems. The screens look great but seeing the game in action will be the real test.

Shield2614d ago

Sniper: Ghost Warrior definitely wasn't perfect but I did enjoy it. The graphics and animation were not bad at all for a budget title. I'm looking forward to S:GW2 I just hope they addressed the problems from the first.

Agent_hitman2614d ago

I'm currently playing Sniper ghost warrior 1 on my PC on highest settings and it was amazing, the graphics, the details, everything... awesome