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Gamespot: Join Shaun McInnis as he gives us a look at the upcoming Resistance 3 multiplayer beta.

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chidori6662576d ago

this makes me not want to buy resistance 3 anymore. i hope sony doesn't do this to other games.

Ravens202576d ago

So you're saying you buy all your games used?

Tony-Red-Grave2576d ago


seriously cheap if you think the psn pas makes games cost more.

Michael-Jackson2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Don't count on it.

All future PS3 games published by Sony will have and require the pass for online, that includes Uncharted 3 and Starhawk.

SoapShoes2576d ago

Troll is obvious. The only way PSN pass would be a problem is if you're only saving $5-15. Otherwise if you buy it used and buy the pass you are STILL saving money. People don't think.

HeavenlySnipes2576d ago

but I don't buy used games from gamesstop. They sell used games for like $5 less lol. I go to flea markets or small shops where you can bargain with them and get new games for a tradein and like $15. A friend of mine traded RDR and $20 for Infamous 2 used when it FIRST came out.

Holeran2576d ago

If everyone thought this way the developers would go broke and forget about making any further games. Yes I do purchase some used games but they are primarily games I am not really interested in and have been out for a very long while.And most games I purchase used have no multiplayer to them.

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SAE2576d ago

i get server timed out ,anyone having this problem ?..

karl2576d ago

anyone has a code for the beta? i really want to get into this =(

majdees2576d ago

His voice is identical to Howard Stern's lol.

On topic: the mp looks fun with streak rewards that don't imbalance the gameplay.

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