Warface: Brand New Gameplay Footage from Crytek and Teaser Emerged

Here are two new Videos of Warface, the upcoming CryEngine 3 shooter from Crytek (Crysis 2). Teaser is here, gameplay footage you will see inside the news.

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Shanks2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

big meh

Akth8r2396d ago

Just a fancy CRYENGINE3 tech demo.......meh

bozebo2396d ago

Shooters, shooters, shooters and more shooters.

theEx1Le2396d ago

A new IP might be interesting. Keep my eye on this but based on that trailer it looks nothing special.

MidnytRain2396d ago

I agree, teasers never show off anything meaningful.

theEx1Le2396d ago

I agree, teasers only really work on an established IP imo. Trying to tease something we know nothing about seems odd.

dragonelite2396d ago

im i not mistaken i believe this is free to play.

pr0digyZA2396d ago

yup it is free so meh is definately a hell yeah in my books.

SpitFireAce852396d ago

Cant complain about free the least we can all
do is try it.

Spenok2396d ago

Well thats always a plus. Ill have to keep my eyes on it then. Though i have to agree with some of the people above about the Meh feeling so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.