'Do devs just want to please the dumb, FPS-playing masses?'

CVG: "Has it really come to the point where all they want to do is please the dumb, FPS-playing masses? It's rare that we see something really innovative on PS3.

It's always said that PS3's full potential has yet to be realised - why? It's been five years. Developers must be lazy, stupid or just plain greedy."

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Nate-Dog2514d ago

No they don't just want to please the masses with as little innovation as possible, but this option is less risky than making a completely out-there and different title. The FPS genre has clearly gained attention and fans like it has never seen before so going into the FPS genre to make what has become a fairly standard and uninnovative title isn't obviously ideal for everyone but I'm sure when devs are looking at it they think to themselves "what do we have more of a chance of selling games / making money with, a wildly different and innovative title that won't appeal to the wider-mass or a(n) FPS title that everyone these days seems to want?" This is the problem with the current FPS trend in the industry but at the end of the day business is business.

Homefront sold over 2 million and it still wasn't enough to stop Kaos Studios shutting down and the next Homefront project has had to be taken over by THQ themselves. Says a lot.

StrongMan2514d ago

Agreed. I like COD but I hate how almost all other shooters are trying to be COD by adding COD features. Killzone isn't Killzone anymore and Resistance isn't Resistance anymore because of the COD influence. Everyone wants to sell like COD so they borrow heavily from COD.

gamingdroid2514d ago

The CoD game mechanic is just that good. Plenty of people tried other things, but nothing coming along has really been better.

It's like Mario Kart, plenty of impostors, but I have yet to see a better Mario Kart like game. I have a blast playing that game with the family, every single time!

dangert122514d ago

Modnation Racers is better then Mario Kart...just saying

Nes_Daze2514d ago

I've played a few games better than Mario Kart, Modnation racers included. As for Call of Duty, soon they will be dethroned by a better shooter, most likely battlefield. It's casual arcade style will eventually be its own downfall since it pleases the casuals the most, and casuals have a short attention span....

MaxXAttaxX2513d ago

Most want to please and appeal to the masses that pay the most. Such as the COD crowd.

Unfortunately, the most of the COD crowd won't care about other games that try to emulate COD to appeal to them because they're too big a fanboys to give anything else that's not COD(or FPS) a chance.

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matgrowcott2514d ago

This is what it all boils down to in the end. And, hey, the only people I ever hear complaining about sequels, FPS overload and lack of innovation are usually so opinionated that I imagine the vast majority of them wouldn't be happy with most new, original games either.

The moral? Surely it's that a game can be good no matter what the genre or whether it is part of a series or not.

gamingdroid2514d ago

Oh man! Well said, but I think you spoke over their head.

Ulf2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Publishers do, because they are interested in money. Developers don't, but because they are paid to, they do.

I hate it when so-called "gaming journalists" are too ignorant of how the industry works to understand the difference. Really says something about the site, when their articles are written from the perspective of someone who doesn't understand the fundamentals of game industry business.

You'd think anyone serious about their journalism would take the time to learn these things.

Here's a headline for my comment: "Do Gaming Journalists Just Want to Fish for Hits from Fanboys?"

Ducky2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

... err, I think the title is a quote from a question from their mailbox.

The 'journalists' themselves did try to defend the point that creative/different games still exist, with their main reply being that money talks, and if you want to see less shooters, don't buy them.
Which is more or less what you're saying as well.

Did you read the article?

Ulf2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

The articles *actual* topic is not the issue I was discussing -- its the headline, and the crappy misidentification of "developer" when they meant "publisher" -- even though they apparently aren't aware of the difference.

When discussing the topic at hand, it is absolutely critical to understand the difference between the two -- no where in the article do they mention the publisher specifically. Instead, they lump the publisher and the developer together, and say "developer" when they clearly are talking about the publisher's motivations. That's a huge error.

Cpt_kitten2514d ago

haha the author dose not understand why the setting is underground when THEY CLEARLY EXPLAIN IT in the first 5 minutes of the game.......stupid is stupid, devs don't wanna please the dumb just the people who don't have a problem buying a half a** game with no innovation.....that was one thing out bout the psn outrage that was good a lot of cod fanboys had to play good games like castlevania los, demon souls, uncharted, final fantasy, and such games with story, quality, and gameplay.....and a lot of them liked them from what i saw

really it comes down to people don't like going outside there comfort zone, even on games where you vote for a map everyone votes for the one map that gets chosen over and over again not everything about any other map, really disappointing that they can't go outside there comfort zone in a game

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