PlayStation Vita Uncovered

CVG: You probably know Sony's new handheld, PlayStation Vita, is incredibly powerful - capable of running near-PS3 quality games, with Wi-Fi / 3G support, dual touch screens, an OLED display, twin analogue sticks, GPS support and front / rear cameras.

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Chaostar2546d ago

'But what about more unusual, indie games? "Developers like new challenges," says the TIGA rep, "but without big-money support, it'll be difficult for many Indies to push the boundaries. It's powerful technology, and that will be expensive to develop for."'

I have to disagree with the Tiga rep here...

MaxXAttaxX2546d ago

Good links.

The PS Vita is supposed to be the most developer friendly PlayStation system to date.

I don't think whoever this analyst is, is aware that Sony is being very supportive of indie games. ..

BattleAxe2546d ago

Well the PSP dev kit is only $1700.00, so if the rep is so concerned about cost, then why doesn't he encourage his members to make more PSP games. I mean the PSP has over 60 million units sold, plus they would get exposure from the Playstation Store. Not everyone is going to switch over to the Vita right away.

miyamoto2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

The PS Vita could be my first Android & OLED screen device!

I love Android & OLED!

Emilio_Estevez2546d ago

I agree...Wtf is he talking about? Also, the story about Sony pushing tons of money into indies really makes me wonder what makes him think that.

jdfoster002546d ago

Yeah, didn't it say they have put aside 20million to give indie devs the tools, means and support to make all weird and wonderful games

gamingdroid2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Maybe they meant, we will provide them dev kit's worth up to $3000 for free to indies totalling up to $20 million? or do they have another mechanism to provide dev tools to indies?

blumatt2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

People are going to hate on the PS Vita until the thing comes out. I guess with greatness comes opposition and jealousy. lol The Vita will be a complete turnaround for Sony as of late. The PSP had its faults. (People wanted a second analog stick and better online.) The Vita looks to have fixed those and added tons of new hardware bits and online and social connectivity features. The PS3 has its faults (People want cross game chat and party system, and it cost a bit too much at launch). The Vita has both of those things and the price is just right for what you're getting.

@DanSolo (below me)
The Wifi version is going to cost $250 USD and the 3G/Wifi version is going to be $300 USD.

meganick2546d ago

I've been hearing almost nothing but praise about the Vita. If you want to see people hating on something for little or no reason visit the 3DS and Wii U pages.

EmperorDalek2545d ago


So, less portable than the PSP-1000
No built in storage
Another proprietary media card format
No details of video codec support
No details of web browser
No details of battery performance

Yeah, no reason to think negatively of the Vita yet. I will wait until this thing is in the hands of consumers before I pass final judgement but if this is the PSP-1000 all over again then I'm not interested. That was locked down to the point of being unusable to start with.

Bull5hifT2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Yeah i Preorderd my 3G version Yesterday with Little Big PlaneT Before That Amazon California Sales Tax goes into effect and jacks up the price another $40 like Best Buy Would or Game Stop

zeddy2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

i was really excited for the psv but when i heard they dropped the ram down 256 from 512 my dick went soft. i'll wait until i hear the official specs before i buy anything.

although this article seems to say that the 256 ram was bullshit:

Waddy1012546d ago

Well here >

It says that the Vitas memory is about 10x that of the PSP and considering the PSP has 64mb or Ram that means that the vita has got ~640mb of Ram.
This leads me to believe that it is 512mb of RAM as opposed to the 256mb that it was RUMOURED to have dropped to.

tarbis2546d ago

Haven't you learned from what Kevin Butler said before? Don't believe everything you read in the internet otherwise we'd be a nigeria.... that's how the world war 1 started. XD
Yoshida also said that too. lol

colombiankilla012546d ago

I heard that WW1 started because of a bad joke on facebook!

blumatt2545d ago

Why was it hard to begin with? lol I'm quite sure they'll keep it at 512mb. There's phones now that have 512mb of RAM and 1GB and 2GB phones will be out in the near future.

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ChrisW2546d ago

I hope they find a way to make downloads faster than 3G speeds.

achmetha2545d ago

wifi to download games and 3g to play online away from home? that was my assumption cause i agree...3g isn't that fast.

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DanSolo2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Any word yet on what Vita is likely to cost?

I wish there was a phone version coming out as I'd be getting it day one!

DNAbro2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

250$ for wifi version
300$ for 3G through AT&T

DA_SHREDDER2546d ago

Its not a phone or a real tab. I'm not saying its gonna sell bad, but its not the all in one gaming and multimedia device it should've been. And no, skype will not beable to replace an actual phone.

Waddy1012546d ago

@DA_SHREDDER It's not trying to be an all in one gaming or multimedia device though, it's trying to be a powerful dedicated handheld gaming console.

Just_The_Truth2546d ago

like with the psp i believe the psv will have skype, or google voice but with 3g and a phone plan form such providers you have a phone right there. I think there trying to stay away from being compared to phones though and also i was rules that it's legel to hack phones so that may be a reason aswell.

fluffydelusions2546d ago

Yeah but MS owns Skype now so who knows about that one.

Jihaad_cpt2546d ago

we do know about that Skype will be on PS Vita because the contracts are in place that allow for it

MasterCornholio2546d ago

Vita is a great handheld. Sadly there will be some losers who will hate it cause its made by Sony. Seriously it doesnt have to be made by Nintendo to be good. Sony has proven that many times now.

Boletarian2546d ago

Why does a dedicated gaming handheld have less RAM than any Android phone?

Not hating, I just think Sony might be making the same mistake by adding too little RAM.

If an Android phone from 2008 comes with 1 gig of RAM, why does a dedicated gaming device in 2011/2012 comes with 256 or 512 megs of RAM?

Assuming the PS Vita also has an OS interface running in the background, then you'd have to subtract some RAM for overhead.

Chaostar2546d ago

2008 iphone, which I believe was the 3G model, had 128mb of RAM

so... yeah.

CernaML2546d ago

Uhhh... I'm going to have to call bullshit on that one. My Samsung Galaxy S phone only has 512MB of RAM. Perhaps you're confusing the RAM for a 1Ghz CPU?

Boletarian2546d ago

My mistake about saying a phone from 2008.

But look at this.

There are phones coming out or are out now that have 1 gig of RAM. At least 2 models. That's in 2011. The PS Vita is releasing in 2012 and is a handheld that is going to be supported for several years.

I think my skepticism about the memory is valid. Sony should add more memory to the device to make it a little future-proof.

achmetha2545d ago

can your android phone run uncharted? don't think we have anything to worry about.

Richard_Hammond2545d ago

Its more about the speed son.. 512mb of 1600mhz ki cks 1gb of 466Mhz's ass

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Laika2546d ago

"and how it realistically hopes to compete with the iPhone, iPad and Nintendo 3DS."
??? Excuse me but I thought that by putting in the insane processing power and adding on all the bells and whistles, sony was really pushing for the core audience. So ya I think sony isnt planning to compete with really any other hand held directly because the Vita is pretty much the only platform which is aiming at the core audience.

egidem2546d ago

My thoughts exactly. These journalists guys seem to think that there are 2 markets only: consoles and handhelds. What they seem to think is that all mobile handhends are the iPads, 3DS PSV are all in the same category, catering towards the same audience...sadly this isn't true.

PSV is clearly aimed towards the hardcore audience such as myself or any of you out there. We want to have such an awesome powerful gadget in our pocket and have similar if not the same experiences on the go, and Sony is trying to do just that.

Horny2546d ago

Can't wait to get my WiFi model. I don't see why anyone would get the 3g model when you can just use your phone as a WiFi hotspot and connect the psv to it. 4g connection is quick I use it for my lap top at work.

Laika2546d ago

do you need to buy a device to do that?

Horny2546d ago

no, if you have an up to date phone such as the iphone 4 or in my case the htc sensation you just go on wireless settings and turn on wifi hotspot. You can connect up to 8 devices at a time to it.

egidem2545d ago

@Deee187 -

It's awesome, but for some reason carriers are getting too greedy and they want to charge people for this feature.

Your idea is better than actually having two different devices with data contracts. Bleh!